How to Select Target Country on New Webmaster Tools in Hindi

Target Country on New Webmaster Tools: Hello Friends, in today's article, we are going to tell you how you can set Target Country in the new version of Webmaster Tools.

Target Country on New Webmaster Tools

When we create a blog or website, we have a language for it, like some people like to write blogs in English, then some people like us who like writing blogs in Hindi, there are many people and many All languages ​​are also there.

But one thing we all want and that is traffic, that too is a lot of question now that how will traffic come?

There are many ways to bring traffic to the blog, but the best is search engine among them, because it gives you 100% Genuine Traffic. Now the second question comes that how to get traffic from search engine?

The answer is in the language in which your blog is and the country you want to target, if this information is given to Google, then Google will place your blog post on the top according to the user's search, because it already knows. Which country the user belongs to and in which language he wants the result.

Now the third question, how will we inform Google that in which language our blog is and for which country our content will be best? The answer is that by selecting Target Country on Webmaster Tools, we can solve this problem 50%.

The remaining 50%, that is, to select the language, we can accomplish that by using Hreflang Tag. So today we will first learn how to select Target Country.

How to Select Target Country on New Webmaster Tools

We had already created Tutorial for Old Webmaster, but now we have New Webmaster Tool in front of us, so let us also see how we will select Target Country in it.

Step 01. Login your Webmaster Tool Account

First of all you open Webmaster Tools, and login to your Webmaster Account through your Login Id and Password.

Step 02. Legacy Tools and Reports

Legacy Tools and Reports

Now on the Webmaster Tool, in the left sidebar, you will get an option of Legacy Tools and Reports, click on this option.

Now a list of all the options inside it will come on your screen as you can see in the image.

Step 03. International Targeting

International Targeting

Go to the option of Legacy Tools & Report, you will get the International Targeting Option at the top, you click on this option.

Now a new page will open on your screen in the new window. Where you are given 2 options.

  1. Language
  2. Country

Step 04. Click on Country Button


So far through all the Possess you have done, you have reached the page of International Targeting, now here you have to select your Target Country, then click on Option of Country.

Now here you have to do two things-

01. Check Box- First of all, you are given a CheckBox just before Target Users In Option, where you have to tick.

02. Select Country Name- Now select the country of the country whose users you want to target, and your target country will be selected in your new Webmaster Tools.

In this way, you can very easily select your target country through your New Webmaster Tools and in Specific Country you can improve the ranking of your blog.

Hope you have liked this information, and you will also be able to do Target Country on New Webmaster Tools very easily. Now if you have liked this information, then definitely share this article with your friends and for similar Tech Tutorials Thank you stay connected with TechByRS.

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