How to Save Color Printer Ink – Tips to Save Printer Ink

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This feature is cheap, colorful and fast. Inkjet printers are used for color printouts and photo prints, as already mentioned that these are cheaper, where laser printers are between 5-7 thousand. Inkjet printers are available in between 2-4 thousand, due to being cheap it affects the home users a lot, they buy them easily, but they have some common There are also pimples, its ink which is the ink which gets emptied very quickly and it dries up if it is not refilled soon, you can reduce the problem if you adopt some tips – [19659002] You should buy inkjet printer only after seeing your work, if you print out once or twice a month, do not take inkjet printer. Buy an inkjet printer only if you feel that you will print at least 1 page per day, otherwise if you do not have any color print out work then it is better to buy a laser printer. When buying, choose a printer with thermal technology, in this we can refill ink in cartage frequently and change cartage if desired.

  • Refill the cartridge immediately when it is empty, there is a possibility of the cartage getting spoiled if there is too much time.
  • Keep the print out of the printer in 1-2 days, failing which the cartage head dries and the bar- There is a need to clean the bar head, it also affects the print quality, lines start coming in the print.
  • In inkjet printers, the print head moves in the rod, if some dust accumulates on it, it is not able to move properly, so periodically clean the dust from the air by blower in the printer. Give and apply any lubricant to the rod. If the sewing machine gets oil then it is very good.
  • Print only when needed, do not give unnecessary prints because the inkjet printer cartridge is empty very soon.
  • If you have more color printing work, buy a printer with extra color drum.
  • If you want to print out some typing work, select 'Black Ink Only' or 'Grayscale' print mode. This will not let you use printer color cartage.
  • Select fast draft printing quality in making projects etc. for children, more pages can be printed out in less color ink.
  • Inkjet printers often have a problem of page stuck, for this, put 10-15 pages together in paper tray instead of single page.

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