How to keep laptop happy How to keep laptop happy.

In today's time, every other person has a laptop, because it comes in less space, it is easier to carry, and can be comfortable sitting anywhere, but that long time is with you. Give, to give good performance, it is important to keep the laptop happy, that is, like your own health care, home care, child care, similarly laptop care is also important, so let us know which advanced system care and Necessary (Necessary Things ), which has aptop can be kept happy, and his health ( Health) can be maintained

take care ——————- –

  • Never keep a glass of water, or a cup of tea / coffee or any kind of fluid near the fluid while working on the laptop, because if it accidentally fell on the laptop then its entire circuit circuit Could be defective.
  • Do not use the laptop even while eating, because the food on your hands sticks to your keyboard or falls, leaving your keyboard prone to deterioration quickly.
  • If you use the Internet If you have, then keep a good Anti-Virus in the laptop, so that it can be protected from Virus. Do not insert free anti-virus if you work professional, it does not work properly.
  • Do not format the laptop frequently, doing so may damage your Hard Disk.
  • If you want to get good performance from a laptop, then do not put the non-essential Softwere, use Softwere at the same level of work.
  • Some people keep books or anything heavy on top of their closed laptop, it is right No, this can cause the screen of the laptop to deteriorate or break, as well as not to line the screen with a pencil or ballpen, and especially keep it away from the reach of young children.
  • If you use a laptop on a bed or a mattress or a quilt in winter, it can be very harmless. This can cause laptop heat, as its ventilation closes by placing it on a pint quilt.
  • Protect the laptop from dust (dust) as much as possible, the dust accumulates on the laptop's chip and IC, so that it does not remain cold, and gets heated and spoils and the keyboard buttons get dusty. Too quickly, or its buttons get jammed, your DVD Rom can also get a Dust Service, dust on its Lens can cause a Lens malfunction, or a DVD Rom can get jammed.
  • Use good quality Laptop Bags to keep a laptop, Laptop Bags are not only used for keeping them, but the Laptop Bag should be such that even if it falls with the laptop, there is no more damage to the laptop. When you reach and keep the bar, do not come to the Scratch on the laptop, so use a good laptop bag.
  • The battery of the laptop is also its main part, so it is important to take care of it as well, to give a good backup of the battery of the laptop, you must pay attention to Power Management and must choose a Power Plan for yourself, your control to choose a Power Plan Open the panel and go to Power Option, from here you can choose your convenient power plan.
  • Never let the battery be fully discharged, this can cause your battery to deteriorate quickly.
  • To Charge the battery, just close the laptop and apply it on Chargeing.
  • Take special care of Laptop Charger, if you have problems with voltage, use the stabilizer. Use Genuine Charger only if the charger is damaged. The local charger also has the potential to cause battery damage and laptop damage.

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