How to Install and Uninstall (Disable) WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg

WordPress 5.0: Hello Friends, in today's article, we are going to tell you how you can install or uninstall (Disable) WordPress 5.0 on your WordPress Blog / Website.

Wordpress 5.0

Friends, as if you are a WordPress user, then you must have seen that you will be showing an update of WordPress 5.0 on your WordPress Dashboard, which you can install on your WordPress Blog and use this new WordPress Feature.

Many people here have installed WordPress 5.0 on their blog so far and if you have not installed this version yet, then you must install it, because this interface is very different from the earlier wordpress. And provide you better facilities.

With which you can easily work on your WordPress Blog. Now, if you have not yet installed WordPress 5.0 on your blog, then we will get the complete information in this article that how you can install it and if you have already installed and you will be able to work on your blog now. If you are having any problem then you can also disable it.

About these two topics, we are telling you step by step in this article, in which you will get both Screen Shots and Video Tutorial so that you will be able to easily install or disable WordPress 5.0.

How to Install (Update) WordPress 5.0

To easily install (update) WordPress 5.0 on your WordPress blog, first of all you should take care of two important things-

01. Update your All Plugins

First of all, make sure that the update of a Install Plugin has not come on your blog, you have not yet updated any Plugin, because it is very important to update the plugins.

02. Update your Theme

You should also check your Theme once that the update notification of your Theme has not come, because it can spoil the design of your blog.

After checking the Plugin and Theme Updates, you have to follow Simple 3 Steps to install WordPress 5.0.

Step 01. Go to Update Section

First of all, you have to login to your WordPress Dashboard, and after that you have to check the Updates on your Dashboard, which will be found at the top of the options given in the Left Side, as you can in the given Screen Shot. can see.

Now click on the Button of Update, which will open the Update Notification Page of WordPress 5.0 on your screen, as you can also see in the image above.

Step 02. Click on Update Button

Now in this page you will get the update notification of wordpress 5.0 where you will also get a button of update, you click on the button of that update.

With this, WordPress 5.0 files will start to be extracted on your screen and this version will be automatically installed on your blog.

Step 03. Click on New Post Option

After the installation is complete, you go to the Post section and click on the button of New Post, after which you will get some notifications on your post, you read them and leave.

Now WordPress 5.0 is fully installed on your WordPress Dashboard, which you can now work on.

Note: After installing WordPress 5.0, the biggest difference will be on your post, in which the Dashboard of your New Post will be completely changed.

How to Uninstall (Disable) WordPress 5.0

Now if you have installed version 5.0 on your wordpress blog and you are having problem in working on it and you want to get your old dashboard back then you can not uninstall or disable this wordpress 5.0 but Classic Editor You can get your old Dashboard Look back by installing.

Now to install Classic Editor, you have to follow some basic steps-

Step 01. Go to Plugin Section and Install a New Plugin

Classic Editor is a Plugin, to install, first of all you go to the Plugin section, where you will also get the option of Add New Plugin, now you first click on the Button of Add New Plugin, so that you can use the new Plugin Will be able to install

Step 02. Install Classic Editor Plugin

Classic Editor

Now first of all you search by typing Classic Editor in the Plugin Search Bar given on the right hand side, after which you will come across many plugins, in which only Classic Editior, provided by (WordPress Contributors), you have to install.

After finding the plugin, you click on the install button, so that it will start to install the plugin, after installation is complete, a new button of Active will appear in front of you, click on the button of the active, so that it is now Classic Editor Plugin will start working on your blog.

Now you click back on New Post, then your WordPress Post Dashboard will be open like the old Dashboard where you can now work back in your old style.

WordPress 5.0 Install & UnInstall Video Tutorial

In Conclusion

WordPress 5.0 is a better update that gives you a lot of work to do, but due to having a new interface and working on the old editor, everyone is having problems in working on this WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg.

So we hope that this article will be very useful for you to install and disable WordPress 5.0 and now you will be able to work on your WordPress blog easily. Now if you have any question related to this article, then you must tell us in the Comment Box.

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