How to import blogger into wordpress: quick and easy way

Blogger ko WordPress me Import Karen

BlogSpot is a great platform to start blogging, but when you want to make a name and career in the field of blogging, WordPress is the best choice for your blogging platform. One very common reason that you are stuck with BlogSpot is that you don't know how to move to WordPress. I have shared a complete wordpress guide and there are videos to learn all about wordpress here.

Once you are accustomed with WordPress (which is easy), the next task is to move your BlogSpot blog to WordPress. Now, if you have a new BlogSpot blog whose traffic is less than 25-30, you need not worry about making it search engine friendly migration. You can simply import your BlogSpot blog posts into WordPress, and then delete your BlogSpot blog and start blogging on the WordPress platform. In this guide, we will know how to import all your posts, comments and users from Blogger blog into WordPress.

Many users who move from BlogSpot to WordPress prefer to migrate their BlogSpot posts to WordPress. The process of migrating your posts, comments and users is easy. WordPress offers inbuilt migration tool, so that you can import everything from WordPress to BlogSpot and let's know how you can do it.

With the help of Blogger's export and WordPress import option, you can easily import your BlogSpot posts into WordPress.

Guide to importing Blogger into WordPress:

So I assume that you are all ready, log in to your wordpress blog, and login to your blogger account as well. One thing that you have to do here is that if you are using custom BlogSpot domain, make sure that you have revert to the default BlogSpot domain. You can always add a custom domain again to translate the link Juice and leave 301 redirection to Google's trust. (Permalink fix was for another topic)

Once you are in the WordPress dashboard, go to Tools> Import and click on Blogger. This will prompt you to install a plugin, which will handle the task of adding Blogger blog content to your WordPress blog.

Select BlogSpot importer

Once you install it, click on Activate Plugin & Run Importer:

Blogger importer

Click Allow access on the next screen, it will allow WordPress to access your blogger account and on the next page it will show you your Blogger's blogs.

Select the Blogger blog that you want to migrate to WordPress. If you want to import the blog, then press the import button next to it and it will start importing your posts, comments, images and links. (This will take time according to the size of your BlogSpot blog)

Import BlogSpot to WordPress

This process is very simple and the import feature of WordPress makes it very easy for non-techy people. Once all your blog posts and comments have migrated, you can associate users with them. I also suggest that you come to Posts> Categories and by clicking on Categories to tag conerter, convert all your categories into tags.

As the imported Blogger labels will be used as wordpress categories, I would just advise you to keep some major categories, so that the tags for the structure and labels remain correct.

In a few minutes your new WordPress blog will be ready, and that too with all the posts and comments. If your importer stops several times or cannot import all the posts or comments, o dump all the posts and comments from your WordPress blog, I recommend using your WP suicide plugin, so that you can use your WordPress blog You can dump all posts and comments and after that you re-authenticate and re-initiate the process.

At times, you may find the whole process geeky and technical, in which case you can take advantage of BlogSpot to WordPress migration service offered by Harsh. However, if you are familiar with the basics of Blogger and WordPress, importing blogger from WordPress into WordPress is not a tough task. Let us share your experience of import process with us.

Any question? Advice? Request? anything else ? Please comment.

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