How to earn money from your Business or StartUp Blog?

Business Startup Blog se Paise Kaise Banaye

Do you have a web-design company or do you have a business blog? Do you want to earn money without affecting your business or sales?

If you use or are going to do AdSense for this, then I do not recommend you for this. One of the major problems of AdSense on a business website is that it can show the ads of your competitors, and this can take away your valuable customer from you in a way.

The correct way is:

What kind of ads do you show that you can earn money from it and your business should not be affected by this. I am going to share such tips with you which are used by many popular business blogs and some such tips which Harsh also share with his consultancy clients.

How to earn money from your business blog and don't lose any lead?

So AdSense follows this equation and also other contextual ad networks, such as Chitika or Infolinks.

Contextual ad = advertisement that is at the base of the content of your page.

The ideas I am going to share here, it helps you to build up relations, connect with the authority in your industry, as a result of which you can earn money.

White label or Private label reseller:

Suppose you have a web-hosting company, your customer who wants to buy hosting from you, to design it, to make a website, for social media, for digital marketing, to promote your website, or SEO related services will be required. In short, all the things that will help them to build and grow their website. You can become a partner of other great guys in your industry who offer such services and can become their white label reseller. The company told in this way will also get more clients, and you will also be able to sell more services under your brand name, and will be able to earn money.

Fact: All large multi-national companies use this technique, so that they can become a global company. Don't you know that world-class companies such as IBM / Accenture / Convergys give their projects on sub-lease to other firms.

To begin with, you have to talk to the marketing and business development guys of companies that you want to become their white label reseller. If you have a well-established name in the industry, I advise you to contact the CEO or founder directly.

Tip: Some companies do not have their private label program, but if you explain how it can help both of you, there can always be a first time. You can also always create a private page or pdf document, which will explain your offering and use it to pitch these companies.

How to inform customers about these add-on services?

This should be an add-on service for your clients. It will be your responsibility to work with the right companies, because it is your business for an end user who is offering these services as add-on service.

To start, you can setup such a page on your website, and all leads can be sent to your email address through your contact form. Alternatively, as all leads will be generated on your platform, it will be safe to keep it under your banner. You can create an email address such as, login details with (email protected), (email protected) and collaborated company. It will take a few months to build the perfect workflow for the first timer, but once trust is made with the company, you will have a good arrangement to speed up and automate the process. Most progressive companies will not deny your offer, as they get qualified leads, and this is a win-win situation for both of you. Remember, your goal here is to grow together at the same time.

Many times, traditional companies do not want to do such deals unless they make sure that your blog can deliver enough sales. This is when your social and negotiation skills come in handy. Harsh too has done this in the past and still he is doing it. It is working very well for them.

  • Tip # 1: The best way to find such a company is around you. Know which companies have offered you quality services in the past, and whether they are fit in your business offerings. Most of the time he is a freelancer, a small start-up with whom you have worked in the past.
  • Tip # 2: Web-design or social-media companies can start a reseller hosting business, and sell domain or hosting to their customer. In this way your customer will remain in your brand ecosystem, and in this way you can become their 360 * solution in your months.

Affiliate Marketing:

In some business types, the white label reseller cannot fit. For example, a friend of Harsh is a life-coach and a fashion blogger. The above scenario might not fit with their existing business model. If this is also your situation, then you can monetize your blog through Affilate Marketing. It is more like a lower and higher up method, but you have complete control beyond ads, and it is automated. Instead of offering services, you can connect your user directly with another brand, and you can make a successful conversion of your earnings. (Referral earning)

For example:

If you are a webdesign company that offers web design services, you can join a Webhosting affiliate program and earn close to $ 50- $ 200 on each conversion. One important thing that you must keep in your mind is that the company you recommend does not offer any service that you also offer or upselling in the later stage.

For business blog you can create a resources page and offer some best affiliate products that are relevant to your customers. The best way to choose the right type of product is: Which is the service that your customer / client will need after your service?

Create an Advertisement Page:

No blogger can deny the importance of advertisement page. In the marketing industry it is called Media-kit. Having an advertisement page opens the doors for advertisers who find value in advertising their product. A direct advertisement can do wonders in your overall income.

Do you know that ShoutMeloud earns $ 20K from a single direct advertisement every year. This might not have been possible without the advertisement page. It tells the potential of an advertiser to advertise on your blog, and also about other important details which are necessary for them to take a decision. If you do not have an advertisement page for your blog, then I suggest you to create one now.

And there are many ideas that you can use to monetize your business or company blog. Just one thing that you have to keep in mind is that:

Advertisements displayed on your blog On Get Full Control!

That is, keep in mind that you have complete control over all the ads displayed on your blog.

I recommend you to focus on Affiliate Marketing, as this is the quickest way to earn huge money from a quality blog, and add advertisement page too. White-label reseller will work well for them, if you know which companies can do good reseller for you.

What other ideas do you have for monetize their blog for fellow bloggers? How are you using? Let us know in the comment section.

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