How to delete message sent on WhatsApp

If you too WhatsApp If you use, then there is a good news for you from WhatsApp and a new update has.ine. Delete the message sent on WhatsApp Whose user was waiting for a long time, what used to happen that on WhatsApp, we message someone without thinking or someone sends a message to someone by mistake and after sending it, we know that the message Had to send it to someone else instead

how to delete send message in whatsappSo friends, there is nothing to worry because WhatsApp has made a new update, with the help of which you can delete the message sent by mistake.

In the new updates of the Whats app, you get to see two new options "One Delight for Everyone" (delete for everyone) And the second "dellet for me" (delete for me) You will see both these features in the latest version of the Whats app, if you did not update your Whats app then live it, otherwise you will not be able to use these features.

delete whatsapp message after send or not send

So let's know how these features work

When you send a message to someone and then if you want to delete it, first press on the message you are sending or select the message you want to delete and press "Dellet for everyoneClick on the icon and delete it.

After doing this, the person with whom you have sent the message will be deleted and along with you I will also be deleted now whenever you in your chat "This message was delete" If written, it means that the message has been deleted.

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But keep in mind one thing that you have to delete this message within 7 minutes, if you do not delete this message for 7 minutes, then you or no one will be able to delete it.

Similarly, the "delete for me" feature works by pressing and holding the message you want to delete and clicking the delete for me icon and delete it, doing so will delete the message from you.

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