How to buy India with Best Hostgator Hosting Discount

On the Internet, you will find thousands of.inpanies that provide web hosting for the website. Hostgator Hosting India I have the most used web hosting which is very useful in making your blogging career and website sexy.

We are saying this because we have been using hostgator hosting for almost the last 2 years and this was the first web hosting of our website and even today we use it.

Especially we hostgator hosting is considered to be the best for those bloggers who are new to the field of blogging or are still using Free Blogger plateform and WordPress Want to shift

Because hostgator hosting Support is very good and also you can easily solve all the problems on your website by talking in your language [Hindi + English] and in most of the cases you just have to make a call and just ..

If you are buying web hosting for the first time then you What is web hosting and how many types Do read this so that you can choose the right web hosting for you.

If you do not want to change the web hosting frequently and want reliable and secure hosting, then use hostgator hosting once.

Why buy Hostgator hosting

1. First of all, if you buy hostgator hosting, then you get many types of discounts and offers, which saves your money.

2. It is one of the most used web hosting in India so it is reliable and secure.

3. If you encounter any kind of problem on your website in future, then you can talk to Hostgator Support in both [Hindi + English] and English languages ​​and especially [Hindi + English] is good thing for blogger.

4. With Hostgator hosting, you can also buy hosting according to your budget like for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, etc. and accordingly you can pay every month and year accordingly.

5. After purchasing the hosting from Hostgator, you can install WordPress in one click.

6. It is safe and reliable and provides good speed.

7. Especially good web hosting for new blogger because WordPress and Web hosting Due to lack of much information, many problems arise and Hostgator Support proves to be helpful there.

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How to buy Hostgator Hosting

By the way, it is very easy to buy Hostgator Hosting, but if you are purchasing web hosting for the first time, then you should follow all the guidelines step by step.

First of all, you should have a domain name for which you want to buy web hosting. For more information What is Domain Name and How to Buy Do read this

You also have Gmail Account And debit bank account or Credit card Should be so that you can pay online.

Hostgator Hosting Plan

Hostgator offers 4 types of plans, so firstly you should know about them so that you can choose the right Hostgator Hosting Plan for you.

1. Starter Plan

This is the cheapest plan because in it you can create a WordPress website with only one Domain Name and in this you get a limited Disk Sapce of up to 10 GB and also have a Free SSL Certificate.

2. Hatchling Plan

This is the second plan, you can also create a single WordPress website, but it is a better Hostgator Hosting Plan than the Starter Plan and because you get unlimited Disk Space and Email Account as well as Free SSL Certificate.

3. Baby Plan

If you want to create two or three WordPress websites / blogs then this plan is for you and many big bloggers use this plan.

Because in this you can create three websites separately with 3 domains and get unlimited Disk Space and Email Account and also have Free SSL Certificate.

4. Business Plan

If you want to b.ine an unlimited website, you can use the business plan as it is the most expensive Hostgator Hosting Plan, so you get many features in it.
-Unlimited domain
-Unlimited disk space
-Unlimited Email Account
-SSL certificate
-Dedicated IP
-Upgrade to Positive SSL

So now you will know which plan will be right for you and then after that it will be very easy for you to buy Hostgator Hosting.

How to buy Hostgator Hosting Discount

As we said, it is very easy to buy Hostgator Hosting but if you are buying web hosting for the first time then you should follow all the guidelines step by step.

Step- 1
first of all Hostgator Website Click on and go to hostgator's website.

hostgator web hosting offer hindi

Step- 2
Now if Hostgator Hosting is offered, then you have to click on "Grab This Offer" or Get Started Now! Click on

Step- 3
Now you will see 4 types of plans, now you want some kind of plan for yourself, click on the button of BUY Now.

Step- 4
Now enter the domain name for which you are buying Hostgator Hosting.

hostgator offer hindi me

Step- 5
After entering the Domain Name, remove all the ticks below and click Continue.

Step- 6
Now you have to select your hosting plan like for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year etc.

hostgator offer

Step 7
After this you have to click on the Continue button and then you have to create an account on Hostgator.

Step- 8
After login to the account, there is an option to pay the payment, for this you can Netbanking / Debit Card /Credit card Etc. can be used.

Step- 9
If you pay with Debit Card, then click on Debit Card first and then after entering the Card Number, Bank Name, CVV Number and Expiry Date, click on Pay Now.

Step- 10
Now OTP.ines on the mobile registered in the bank, enter it and after that you have purchased Hostgator Hosting, whose confirmation message is received by mail.

This is an easy way to buy Hostgator Hosting, now you get all the important dates by mail and you can use it WordPress Can create your own website / blog.

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Here, let us tell you that from time to time there are offers in Hostgator Hosting which you get a lot of benefit from, so we will try to provide the Hostgator Coupon code from time to time, using which you can get a good deal.

So friends, I hope that now you can easily Can Buy Best Hostgator Hosting So if you like this article, then definitely do it with your blogger colleagues Share Do it

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