Hindi Me Kaise Type Kare In Windows OS

Windows Me [Hindi + English] Kaise Type Karen

Do you know that you can type [Hindi + English] on your Windows 7 PC even without downloading any additional software. If not, in this tutorial I will tell you how you can type [Hindi + English] by making a slight change in the settings of your PC.

Before this, I would like to make one thing clear here that when I talk about enabling [Hindi + English] in Windows, I will mean to change by default system setting. Selecting a font from English to [Hindi + English] and typing [Hindi + English] in softwares like Word. This means to say that you can also type in [Hindi + English] by changing the English font to Devlys or Mangal font in Microsoft Word. This is the simplest way to type in [Hindi + English] in Word. But if you want to type in [Hindi + English] in any other application or software other than Word, then there is no option to change the font there. Suppose you have to do some search by typing in [Hindi + English] in Google Chrome. Then you will have to change the language of your system.

To change the input language in your system follow this path.

Go to Control Panel> Region and Language> Keyboards and Languages> Change Keyboard> Text Services and Input Languages

In the General tab of Text Services and Input Languages ​​you will find that Default Input Language is already set to English (United States) in the installed services. Along with this, you have to add [Hindi + English] Devanagari also.

Click on Add to do this

Enable [Hindi + English] Typing in Windows 7

Clicking on Add will open a new window named Add Input Language. This is where you have to select the [Hindi + English] Devanagari input method. Devnagari – Select the box with INSCRIPT and OK.

After this, apply OK in the window with Text Services and Input Languages ​​also.

Replace language bar

Once you select an input method other than English, you will see a language bar float on top of Taskbar or Desktop. You can change the place of Langauge bar as per your convenience. For this, go to the Language bar tab next to the General tab in the window with Text Services and Input Languages. There you will see three options. You can also hide the language bar by selecting the hidden option. At the same time, by selecting the first two options Floating on Desktop and Docked in taskbar, you can make the language bar float on the desktop or fit it in the taskbar as well.

For windows 10

If you have updated Windows and you are using Windows 10 instead of Windows 7, you can still enable [Hindi + English] on your system. Just by going to the search box (Windows Key + S) of Windows 10 Control panel Write select it. In this way the old control panel will open. Over there Languages by selecting option Add a language By going to [Hindi + English] Devanagari – Inscript select In this way you can enable [Hindi + English] type in Windows 10 also.

Did you already know about enabling [Hindi + English] in Windows, if not, please tell me by typing in the.inment box how you were typing [Hindi + English] till now. Did you install any software, tell us about that software as well.

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