Half of internet will come from google fiber technology

Did you know that internet service was started in India with a speed of 256 kbps and today with the introduction of 3G service, we are able to use internet at a speed of 2 to 8 Mbps, so that we are satisfied I still have the highest speed of internet at 54.1 mbps, but we will not talk about 2 to 8 Mbps nor will we talk about 54 Mbps, we are going to talk about 1000 Mbps i.e. 1Gbps. The Internet has a speed limit and has set the limit. Google has launched its new internet service Google Fiber.
By launching Google fiber service, Google has once again given birth to a new revolution in the world of internet, Google has started this service from Cannes City for the first time, and plans to spread it across the world soon.
You would be happy to know that Google has also launched a service in Cannes City. Plans to launch Google Fiber service from Kerala state in India has created. That is, now in India too soon people will be able to use internet at the speed of 1000 Mbps i.e. 1Gbp. Google Fiber has selected a rabbit as its logo, appears ready to run in rainbow colors.

You will be able to avail the following services from Google Fiber

Free Internet at todays basic speeds

You will be given a network box from Google to use Google Fiber, so that you will be able to enjoy today's basic internet speed for free. You can always convert your connection to Google Fiber, for which you will not need any additional hardware. 7 years free service will also be provided by Google. For which you will have to spend about 16000 thousand rupees, or you can pay it in 12 months according to 1500 rupees per month.

Super fast connectivity

With Google Fiber you will be provided with internet speed of about 1 Gbps which will be 100 times faster than today's internet speed. So that any work will be done in seconds. Which would be ideal for video chatting, online gaming, or online data storage / cloud storage. With just clicking, the work will be done.

All your content in one place

With Google Fiber you will be able to enjoy more than 200 HD channels, more than 10000 TV shows, On Demand Movie in one place. You will be able to search fast and download any program.

Crystal clear HD

You will be able to enjoy full HD video without interruption, you will also be able to play the video in YouTube without any buffering.

Fast and powerful Wi-Fi

With Google Fiber you will be provided with high-speed WiFi connectivity, so that you will be able to use high-speed Internet on your laptop, mobile or PC.

Booking of Google Fiber has started online, if you also want to book Google Fiber, then you can book by visiting Google Fiber website.

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