Google Maps Apps Bike Mode came to know the specialties in Android mobile

Google has done a great update Google Maps Apps Bike Mode Google's Updates have been especially important to the Indian market, this update of Google Maps Apps Bick Mode is a great gift for those who are fond of bike riding because with the help of Google Maps, you can easily get a bike. Will help in finding the floor and shortcut route

Google Maps Apps was already available for routes like car and train but in the new update of Google, Google Maps now has the option of To wheeler, which allows you to easily find any shortcut route.

Know Google Maps Apps Bike Mode

Google Maps Apps Bick Mode This new feature of Google was revealed at the Google For India Event, which has now been verified by Google, which states that in addition to the new feature of Google Maps, in the latest version of the Android app, in addition to the car, walking and train options To wheeler mode will be seen to tell you, India is the largest country of To wheeler vehicle, 70% of the share of To wheeler vehicles in India is why this feature was first launched in India by Google.

The special feature of this feature is that the bike rider gets to know many types of information such as which route is closed and how much time it will take to travel and once you reach your destination there is a parking facility or not. All the information will be given to you by it in advance. This feature of Google maps supports Android version v9.67.1 Google has named this picture motorcycle mode or you can also call it Google Maps Apps Bike Mode. Can

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