Google launches pixel 2 xl with best camera

sumsung And apple After this, Google has also stepped in last year. Flagship device Google's First Pixel in Race device Had registered its presence in the market. Google has launched a new device of the same series google pixel 2 xl Has been launched

Which has been named Pixel 2 XL. google pixel 2 xl It is equipped with great features, its initial price has been kept at Rs 73,000. Whose camera is being described as the best camera

The world's largest technology.inpany google's pixel 2 xl link to iphone 8 plus Collision This Google phone will give LG Made by, which has a 6-inch display and its display is Bezel Lace, which has an expected race of 18: 9 and screen-to-body races at 76.5%

Let's know about its camera

This phone is made by LG for Google, its rear camera is 12 megapixels and the front camera is 8 megapixel fixed focus selfie camera, the aperture used in this phone is the same f / 1.8 for the rear camera. Fabulous Electronic stabilization is also provided in this phone for clicking photos, the specialty of this phone is that it captures good photos even in low light.

pixel 2 xl If you talk about the battery, then you have been given 3520 MaH battery, which gives a battery backup of one and a half days on a single charge, Google has given Google laces which are equipped with machine intelligence (ML) capability and places, Able to identify things and streets. It is a great phone overall, and let me tell you that it has the latest Android Oreo operating system (OS), which is seen in very few phones. In which one gets timely updates and security patches.

Google has already registered its presence in the markets from its previous phone pixel device and it is believed that Google's new phone pixel 2 xl The smartphone of samsung and apple will give a tough.inpetition, which is priced at Rs 70,000 and this phone is equipped with a great feature and camera.


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