Google is working to add a play and pause button to its Chrome browser toolbar!

Google is going to bring a new update for better audio control for its Chrome browser tab. In this new update Google is working to add a play and pause button on the toolbar of your Chrome browser which allows users to play videos in the browser Will help pause or resume the video, even if it is coming from anywhere.

According to GDNet, this new feature of Google Chrome will be known as Global Media Controls, which is currently undergoing testing. This button will work with both audio and video content as well as in many chrome windows.

This feature adds a play icon next to the address bar, and clicking on the icon brings up a menu that allows controlling any currently playing video. The best thing about this feature is that, it allows the user to control the video from any tab. If someone has hundreds of tabs open, that button will allow them to interact with the currently playing video.

According to the report on Saturday evening, “Users can completely stop the video playing on a separate window, not necessarily the video playing on the current window”. This button will be available for desktop versions such as Windows, Mac and Linux etc.


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