Google Drive – Add to “Send To” Context Menu – Upload data to the cloud in a click of the mouse.

Cloud storage is the easiest and best way to back up your files online, through free cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive, you can store your essential data like photos, videos or documents etc. on your computer, tablet Or instead of saving it on the phone, save it on a cloud and use it online on any device in any corner of the world whenever you want. Spun, moreover can keep it offline / online backup, is not large files very possible to send emails that can share with your friends, in addition to these cloud storage and many advantages of Service.

We have already told you about cloud storage and Google Drive, how you can setup Google Drive and upload your required data on it. By the way, you have to resort to copy paste to upload data to Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive, or you create a new file within the folder of Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive, but if you want to You can send the file to Google Drive, Sky Drive or Dropbox with just the right click of the mouse, often we use this command to create a shortcut on the desktop Let's copy a file from computer to PenDrive, but today we will learn to send data directly from Drive to command to drive folder –

  • First of all download Google Drive, Sky Drive or Dropbox,
  • Press Windows + R from the keyboard and open the Run command,
  • Now type shell: sendto, this will open the sendto folder
  • Now right click with mouse anywhere Enter T and New Go and choose the shortcut will open
  • Shortcut dialog box, behold click Browse form
  • now made on desktop Google Drive, take some Slackt Sky Drive or Dropbox shortcut and click ok.
  • Now next and click on Finish.
  • This will allow you to see the icon of the service you have selected in the sendto folder.
  • Now right click on whatever data you want to upload from any drive of the computer to the cloud storage, go to sendto and select the related cloud storage.

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