Google and some dashing Secret Tricks – Some amazing secrets and tricks from Google.

<pre>Google and some dashing Secret Tricks - Some amazing secrets and tricks from Google. MyBigGuide

Who does not know Google that it is the most popular search engine in the world, but do you know that Google has more secret some of which you might know and maybe not today some similar Google tricks and secrets (Some of Google's secrets and tricks) are presented, some of them are useful and some are timepass, if you sit empty then enjoy some Google tricks and secrets, maybe get some use.

First secret and tricks Did you know that Any Calculation on Google can be done directly without the help of Calculater If not then try for example Googl [19659003] Enter the search bar on the homepage of e by typing 2 + 2. You will get the answer as well as Calculater on the page. This is a small example of any Calculation ] Via Google.

Second Secret and Tricks Google also has the facility to create graphs but when you do this code sqrt (cos (x)) * cos (300x) + sqrt (abs (x) ) -0.7) * (4-x * x) ^ 0.01, sqrt (6-x ^ 2), -sqrt (6-x ^ 2) from -4.5 to 4.5 Google A heart will see the figure. Actually, the equation given in this code has been created by Google according to the same equation, but its figure looks like heart .

Third Secret and Tricks Google in the search bar when do a barrel roll typing the word and clicking on the search button like Google The search page suddenly rotates at an angle of 360 degrees, which is really fun.

Fourth Secret and Tricks If you have a digital camera drawn or scanned photo that you don't know about, Google Search can be of great use to you. Is, just drag your photo or Image to the Google search bar and leave it, Google give you all the information related to the photo or image that is available worldwide Will bring it on a website or give it to the same image A lot of images will also be given by searching.

Fifth Secret and Tricks Google Google Askew (Slant) Search by typing the words Google The homepage goes oblique, isn't it awesome.

Chattaw Secret and Tricks Google Google zerg rush Search by typing the words Google Homepage Google Word of ' oo ' destroys the entire search bar Of Game which zerg rush to type seems to run on Google homepage.

Satwo Secret and Tricks when you type Google in the search bar recursion ie (alternation)
Google asks you repeatedly Will remain What did you mean by this: recursion And even after clicking on it, it will not be removed and will keep asking again and again. Here Google has installed Auto Correct i.e., Ispalling Corrector in its search engine, when you type the wrong word in the search bar it asks you to [Correctthe Auto. Google gives you on its behalf by typing the correct word or similar word. So that your search can be even better, but by typing recursion Google will keep asking you repeatedly what did you mean: [19659027] recursion

eighth secret and tricks Google The seventh secret is that when you type in Google searchbar the answer to life, the universe and everything ie life Every question and answer of the universe and everything is written in the Google search number 42, it is somewhat strange that Life and all the answers of the universe are 42. Actually Google The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy shows results by searching if you The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [Youwanttoknowabout19659022] then wikipedia You can read this article by clicking here. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Navo Secret and Tricks Now in the address bar of the browser this code https Search for any map by pasting: // t = 8 Google I I will start seeing the map of the beginning of the world, then you can search any city of the world . See . You will see every city on the map of ancient times.
Dasavo Secret and Tricks Now in the address bar of the browser this code http : // Paste or click here this page in China Google Opens with the name of Search. On this page Shark You Pan Free remains, if some search is also done here search ridge lt also drowns in water Is. This is very Roma try it out .
GERHAV Secret and Tricks ] Google 3D B oo k Click here Google Key 3D B ook Previous to page f Ja Here are some books 3D [194521] These are some embossed in the format, you can read them only by wearing 3D glasses. But it is not strange that the Book 3D What is the benefit of changing to format.

Hope Whatever this information is, you will definitely like If nothing is entertained, will go.

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