Get Internet Speed ​​of your smartphone in just 1 minute

In today's time Internet speed Everyone is required whenever we use our internet, due to its low speed, we waste a lot of our time or if we buy a new sim card then before that we should know that that.inpany By how much internet speed is provided in that area, all the.inpanies say that their internet speed is much higher than the other.inpanies and we will not think that with the.inpany Are added to

But if you want to know which has the best internet speed in your area, then you can easily find out and know whether the claim made by the.inpany is true or not and you can know it How much speed is the internet using in mobile in just 1 minute

TRAI i.e. Regulatory Authority of India has launched a new app. With the help of which you can check your mobile Internet Speed, to know which has the highest internet speed in your area.

TRAI has its own app Myspeed Launched by name, this app has been downloaded by more than 1 million people so far, with the help of this, users can easily find the speed of their internet, this app can tell the speed of your network and all other networks Also tells the internet speed of all like Idea, Vodafone, Jio, BSNL etc.

How to use MySpeed ​​app

First of all download MySpeed ​​from Google Play Store, it is absolutely free, its size is 5 MB. As soon as you open it after installing it, there are some message displays that you have to allow after Ok.

  Internet speed

Now on your mobile Internet speed Click on Begin Test to check, as soon as you click, it starts checking your downloading speed and uploading speed.

  Internet speed

After counting the download and upload speed, you see the result. All the details related to your network are also given here. You can also send this result to TRAI if you want.

  Internet speed

In this app, you are given the option of location. With the help of this, you can check the speed of all the networks in your area simultaneously and find out which network has the highest and best speed in your area. A chart of the area is formed, which contains the details of the speed obtained through the graph.


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