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A few months ago I came to know of Cloudways, which is a managed platform to host your website of cloud servers of Digital Ocean and Amazon Cloud service. When you adopt a hosting for the first time, a big question in your mind is, should I trust this hosting? We usually use Google Search to find reviews of hosting services, and most of the time the results are good and bad. Isn't it simple that you can try the hosting before using it? This is the same as Harsh first tried Cloudways and later became its paid customer.

In Harsh's story, he first signed up with him with a free hosting account and hosted his site on Digital Ocean for a month, and that automatically revealed his hosting quality. To shorten the long story, there are many advantages of hosting your website on cloud servers and we will cover it in a series of other posts. In this tutorial, I will tell you how you can get one month cloud-hosting for free on Digital Ocean and also what you can do. Specially, if you are among those who are waiting to try the power of Cloud servers, then this is a Golden Chance. And if you are heading for a WordPress test drive, this article is for you.

So without waiting for much time, let's go ahead and let me tell you how you can enjoy the power of cloud-server in the next 10 minutes.

12 minutes guide to get free Digital Ocean Cloud Server on Cloudways

  • Go to the homepage of Cloudways and fill in your email to start free-trial.
  • You can also click on Enter Promo Code and “ShoutMeLoud”As a Promo Code, because if you upgrade to the upper plan, you can get a discount from this Coupon. (This Coupon part is fully Optional)

Free Trial Digital Ocean

  • By clicking on free-trial, you will be taken to the signup page, which will look something like this. Add your phone number here and click on send me verification code.

cloudways verification

  • In a few seconds you will receive a verification code, which you will have to enter to complete the verification process, and this will be the time to check your Email Inbox where the login details of your Cloudways account will come. This is a screenshot of the email that you will receive.

Cloudways confirm email

  • Now click on "Click here to set your password" and set the password for your account. Once you set the password, click login on the same page and go to and login with your email address and password.

Last 3 steps for your free Digital Ocean server with Installed WordPress

With a free-trial account you can visit Digital Ocean 30 days free trial And you can get 3 days free-trial on Amazon EC2. These are the details of the trial offer:

Digital ocean

  • One server Free 30 days with Trial
  • 512 MB and 1GB Server size packages with bandwidth up to 2 TB
  • US, Europe and Asia
  • Please note, if you do not do any activity on your server for 5 days, then it will become pause, and if your server is inactive for 8 consecutive days it will automatically terminate.

Amazon EC2

  • One server with 3 days free trial.
  • Small Plan (Dedicated Server with 1.7 GB RAM) with 100 GB maximum disk size for web files and databases.
  • US. Northern virginia

I would ask you to go with Digital Ocean because in 30 days you will have sufficient time to test the application (WordPress, Drupal and anyone else) and understand the dashboard of Cloudways.

Select Free Cloudserver

Now click on I know my server size and scale your server to 1 GB RAM and this will be your server configuration:

1 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD Disk, 2 TB Transfer, 1 Core Processor

Free Cloud server Size Select karein

You have the option to check the location of your server and my suggestion is that you choose a location from which you get more traffic. For example, if your site is for US Traffic, then choose New York, choose Singapore for Indian Traffic and so on.

Note: You can scale up or scale down the configuration of your server at any time in later stage.

Click "Start 30 day free trial" and it will take 5-6 minutes to prepare your application.

Just to inform you, Cloudways acts as a management console for a website or application hosted on your Digital Ocean or Amazon Cloud Server. They have their own architect layer, which makes it easy for anyone to host a high performing website (wordpress blog or any other platform) or application without any technical skills.

I do not want to break curiosity here, because once you create all the steps from above, you will be amazed to see something new and refreshing.

Cloudways server Tayyar

Once your server is configured, you will see a screenshot like the screenshot above and click on Manage server to see the details of your WordPress blog (which you have just installed on Digital Ocean Server via Cloudways).

Wordpress blog on Cloudways

At this time your WordPress blog will be on the sub-domain of the Cloudways server, and you can scroll down on the same page, to link it with any other domain name. I will share those steps in another post but for now you have already learned how you can get free Digital Ocean Cloud Server in 12 minutes.

You can install many more applications on the same server (and by clicking on WordPress blogs or multi-site WordPress, Add Application), and you can also add more cloud servers with the same account. Over all If you are accustomed with cPanel or WHMCS or Plesk, then you will love this customized panel of Cloudways and they have made it in such a way that with the help of it, people like you and me like their website cloud- without any technical skill. Can host on server. More over, they are also offering free migration service for a limited time, when you will be happy to go with this test ride.

Get your Free Cloudways account without a credit card (Coupon Code: ShoutMeLoud)

Go ahead and enjoy the power of Cloud Server and I assure you that you will enjoy it.

Any question? Request? Advice? Anything else ?

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