Germany fined Facebook $ 2.3 million for violating network transparency law!

For the world's largest social media platform Facebook is not taking the name of the difficulties, the German authorities have imposed large fines, this time on Facebook, which is constantly facing controversy. According to reports, under the Internet Transparency Act of Germany, Facebook has not provided complete information about illegal videos and posts received on its platform to German authorities. German authorities have fined Facebook 2 million euros (about $ 2.3 million), considering it a violation of the country's law.

In this case, Facebook has said that they have followed all the transparency laws that are under “NetzDG”, but some laws lack clarity so Facebook has the right to read all these laws carefully May file an application against the judgment. Germany's network transparency law requires all social media platforms to report the number of complaints of illegal content they receive to German authorities. But Facebook did not give the exact number of its complaints and Facebook's purpose behind this could be to save its reputation.

In a statement given by the Federal Office of Justice of Germany, he said that –

“By hiding information about only certain categories of complaints, Facebook hid the extent of the violations on its platform, which is a violation of German law”.

From the US, the UK to the Philippines, Facebook has faced intense backlash over its role in the election campaign and there is now a lot of pressure on Facebook to improve its image.

According to the information received, in the first 6 months of 2018, only 1048 complaints were reported by Facebook, while other social platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, reported millions of complaints to German authorities throughout the year. A Facebook spokesperson said – “We want to remove hate speech as quickly and effectively and are working hard to do so.” We believe our published “NetzDG” report is in accordance with the law, but as stated by many critics, the law lacks clarity “.


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