funny 10 common computer misconceptions – 10 misconceptions about computers, what is right and what is wrong

In today's time, everyone is unknowingly connected to a computer, even if they have run a computer or not, yet they face it somewhere and this is the reason why many people think of computer There are different about it, some of them, despite not knowing about the computer, surprise people by presenting very strong opinions, people who gave it from far away Defense is taking its recognition submitted them. Some facts are presented in such a way that it is very difficult to digest, then let us know the strong opinion of some people about the computer which we often face –

  1. The computer does all the work on its own, doing something There is no need, if you have a computer, then all the hard work is done by itself easily.
  • This is wrong, the computer does not do any work on its own , He is only programmed for which does much the same function or the same work, or given command by that user having a computer run. He does not have the power to understand his thoughts, and to do any hard work on a computer, one has to learn it properly.
  • I know how to play a song on a computer, and watch a video, I run the computer.
    • This is wrong, just moving the mouse on the computer, typing while looking at the keyboard, or just playing music, or playing a movie Taking, or playing cards in free time cannot be said that you know how to run a computer. Even a child can do this work. If you bought a computer only for music and video, you can do this by buying only a DVD player.
  • It is necessary to have a very good knowledge of English to learn a computer
    • It is wrong to learn a computer. It is necessary to have a very good knowledge of English, yes it is necessary to be literate, but if you are studying a lot, then you can easily You can see, it is necessary to have perseverance and a teacher in mind.
  • I have lost my age, now I cannot learn all this is learned from childhood
    • It is also wrong to learn anything. No, just keep in mind that if you want to learn, you can learn at any age, and nowadays computer education has been greatly simplified, you can learn computer very easily at any age is [
  • What is there in learning computer, I will learn by driving myself, it is like TV
    • If you are thinking of something like this, then surely you have bought your good new ones Will spoil the computer, because incomplete knowledge about it turns out to be fatal, you will apply the reverse direct command in the circle of learning, or do new experiments everyday, so that your computer It can be badly damaged, or your windows may be spoiled, so it is necessary to learn basic computer
  • It is very good to buy a computer of a company, it is not too bad and it also has more functions, the computer. It is useless to disassemble.
    • To think that only reputed companies have good computers, it is not good because all companies have less The computer cannot be made without disassembling it, it contains all the hardware that you can assemble here and there are two advantages of unassembling it, one is that you know what is inside Is, and the other advantage is its price is also low, and talking about the functions, it is just the software inside it, which can be inserted in any computer.
      • The computer fixes OK when any error comes in, or fixes it
        • Some people leave the message OK or cancel without any error on the computer, it can also be fatal to your computer, because without reading the message you can delete any of your data or You can also allow any new application or virus to be installed on your computer. So always read the message when you first read it and then take any action.
      • Some people send the wrong message or email to anyone from their computer, and think that it cannot be detected by the mail sent from the computer. That the computer from which it was sent.
        • To think that your location cannot be traced from the mail you send is completely wrong, every computer has its own al IP address ie Internet Protocol Address is so that the location of that computer can be accurately detected, so do not be confused when doing any wrong work that you see someone There has been no bullying or hacking of such activities on the internet, it has been considered as a legal offense and a cyber cell like institution has been formed to deal with such crimes. Who monitor such activities on the internet.
      • There should be only air conditioning room for computer.
        • It is not necessary that there should be an air conditioning room for the computer, there should not be too much heat, the room temperature should be average. In the summer too, problems like hanging in the computer begin.
      • Computer should not be kept in a cooler room.
        • That's right The computer should not be placed in a room with a cooler because when you close the room and run the cooler, the humidity in the entire room is created, and this is the moisture content inside your computer's IC and chip. But it also freezes. When you turn on the power, there is a risk of short circuit. Generally, many people also become spots on the LCD and LED and they slowly deteriorate.

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