Full form: What is PF, complete information in Hindi

People who do jobs usually know that What is pf Because employees working in both the government institution and the private sector are given the facility of PF, but they do not have all the information related to PF.

Today we are going to give you.inplete information about what is PF in [Hindi + English] because many people do not know about many things related to PF and people who have recently started a job in their life There should be.inplete knowledge about PF.

PF ki jankari hindi me

PF scheme is very beneficial for employees in any.inpany because it is not only a good way of saving you, but it also makes it special on all the features like good interest rate, tax rebate etc.

Although PF is mainly given at the time of retirement and leaving the job, but if you want, it is also done before You can check your PF and get PF withdrawn For this, you have to follow some terms and conditions. So let's know in detail what is PF?

What is EPF and PF

People who do the job are aware of both the term EPF and PF because when you talk about the PF scheme, both EPF and PF have the same meaning because some people call it EPF and some people call it PF. Know from

PF full form That is, the full name is Provident Fund while the full name of EPF is Employee Provident Fund and in [Hindi + English] Employee provident fund Known as 'Retirement' and 'quit' job

PF is a government scheme run by the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), a government organization founded in 1952 and chaired by the Union Labor Minister of India.

If more than 20 employees work in a.inpany, then it is mandatory to register with the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) under which some part of the salary paid to the employees is deducted at the time of retirement and leaving the job.

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What percentage of PF is accumulated?

If you work in a.inpany that offers you the facility of PF, then you have to ask the question that what percentage of your PF is deposited and how much is deposited from the.inpany.

So let us tell you that 12 percent amount is deducted from your salary which is deposited in your account as EPF, while 12 percent amount is deposited from the.inpany as well, out of which 3.67% of employee's EPF (Employee Provident Fund) and 8.33% is deposited in EPS (Employee Pension Scheme) which is given to you in installments after your retirement.

In total, the amount deducted from your salary doubles because 12 percent is deposited from your salary and 12 percent is deposited by the.inpany which is 24 percent in total.

Here you will be happy to know that you do not have to pay any tax on the amount deducted as PF, which you get full benefits.

Interest is also paid by the government on your PF, which is higher than any scheme, usually you get more than 8 percent interest on the deposit of PF.

What are the benefits of PF – Benefits of PF

PF is a scheme which is an excellent way of saving for any employee, in which you get many benefits which are as follows.

Free Insurance

Under the EDLI i.e. Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme, you get insurance up to Rs 6 lakh as soon as your PF account is opened.

Tax free

The amount deposited in the PF account is.inpletely tax free and you do not have to pay any tax even after withdrawing the money.

UNA Number

Now with the help of UNA number you can link all your PF account in case of change of job, which you can easily transfer the money deposited as your PF.

Employee Pension Scheme

An amount of 12 percent is deposited in the accounts of every employee on behalf of the.inpany, out of which 3.67% is deposited in the employee's EPF (Employee Provident Fund) and 8.33% in EPS (Employee Pension Scheme) which will be paid to you after your retirement. Is given in

Best Saving Option

PF is also a great way to save because you do not have to pay any tax on this accumulated capital, but the government also pays interest on it which is more than 8%. Therefore, through PF, you can add long-term deposits.

Easy to get money

According to the new rules, now it has b.ine very easy to withdraw PF money, now you can withdraw 90 percent PF money based on specific circumstances and your financial needs.

How to check PF balance

Now you must have understood how much your PF is deducted and how much is deposited, but now it.ines to know how to check our PF balance, because this question is often searched by the people, therefore, to check the PF balance, you can use the following methods Can be used

– You can check PF balance by a miss call

-SMS can check PF balance

-Mobile App can check PF balance

You can check PF balance by downloading UNA number and EPF Passbook.

You can check your PF balance using the methods mentioned above, in this way you can also withdraw your PF if you want, you just have to follow the rules of Employees Provident Fund Organization, after that you can easily withdraw your PF.

So friends, I hope you now understand that What is PF and how to do PF balance check Hope you have liked this article of ours and you must have helped it, so by sharing it with your friends, of course He can also get.inplete information of PF.


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