Full Form: What is NDRF Complete Information

Often on google What is NDRF Full form and what does NDRF work A search is done about this because many people have heard the name NDRF but there is no information about what and how it works.

Usually, you get to hear the name NDRF in TV news and newspapers because whenever natural disasters occur in any state of our country, the team of NDRF first reaches to help people.

Full Form NDRF kya hai [Hindi + English]

Because it is not just a matter of normal citizens to cope with natural disasters, a police force has been created called NDRF.

Today we What is NDRF full form and how it works It is going to provide information related to it, so read this article once.

What is NDRF full form

India is a country in which different types of seasons.ine which give us a sense of the nature of many types of natural but often due to the loss of life and property due to natural calamities during the monsoon, the NDRF police force was created is.

To protect us from any kind of disaster in our country, NDRF has been created which takes the affected people to a safe place and protects life and property in the event of catastrophic natural calamities.

NDRF full form means National Disaster Response Force in [Hindi + English] language 'National Disaster Response Force' It is said that protects the.inmon people from natural disasters and takes them to a safe place

The NDRF force was formed in 2005 consisting of 12 battalion paramilitary lines forces consisting of 3 BSF, 3 CRPF, 2 CISF, 2 ITBP and 2 SSB forces.

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The disaster management organization in India is the National Disaster Authority, headed by the Prime Minister of our country, the responsibility of the disaster that occurs anywhere in India is the responsibility of the government there, but in the event of a very serious situation, it is the responsibility of the Indian government.

All those involved in the NDRF force are given special training to deal with the disaster and the force has 310 types of instruments of International Standard available to deal with the disasters.

NDRF full form

NDRF Battalions Details

The NDRF has a paramilitary lines force of 12 battalions. This force is stationed at various places in the country where the natural disaster is most likely to occur. She lives.

-01 Bn NDRF, Guwahati, Assam – BSF
-02 Bn NDRF, Kolkata, West Bengal – BSF
-03 Bn NDRF, Mundali, Orissa – CIFS
-04 Bn NDRF, Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu – CIFS
-05 Bn NDRF, Pune, Maharashtra -CIFS
-06 Bn NDRF, Gandhinagar, Gujarat -CRPF
-07 Bn NDRF, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh – ITBP
-08 Bn NDRF, Bathinda, Punjab – ITBP
-09 Bn NDRF, Patna, Bihar – BSF
-10 Bn NDRF, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh -CRPF
-11 Bn NDRF, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh – SSB
-12 Bn NDRF, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh -SSB

Let us tell you that in the 12 years since the inception of the NDRF, so far, 114492 people have been saved and have done the work of evacuating about 552857 people to a safe place.

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