Full Form: What is LOC and LOC History Information

There is always tension between J&K between India and Pakistan and LOC is often mentioned in news and news but do you know What is LOC and what does it mean?

As you know, since India and Pakistan separated, Jum-Kashmir is the most disputed topic for both the countries and often you get the news related to it on TV channels.

full form loc kya hai

You also get to hear the name of the LOC many times, that's why Zaheer is a lot of people, but some people know about it What is LOC and what is LOC full form is not known.

So today we are going to share with you what LOC is and all the information related to it and also we are going to give you information about the history of LOC.

What is the history of LOC and how it was created

After the independence of India, India and Pakistan became separate countries and at that time used to be a princely state, so this proposal was brought that the princely state can go with the country which does not want to live with any of these countries. She can make herself a separate country.

In this way the whole country was divided, but at that time, Maharaja Hari Singh of Jum-Kashmir wanted to keep his kingdom independent and make it a separate country.

But Pakistan wanted to bring Jum-Kashmir into Pakistan, but Maharaja Hari Singh was not ready to go with either of the two countries and he was firm on his decision.

At the same time, Pakistan used its strength to join Jum-Kashmir and the Pakistan Army along with the Kabulis attacked Jum-Kashmir so that they could take over Jum-Kashmir.

Seeing the situation in Jum-Kashmir getting worse, Maharaja Hari Singh sought the help of the Indian military and decided to join Jum-Kashmir with India and then like other princely states after that he merged Jum-Kashmir with India. Signed

After which Jum-Kashmir had now b.ine an integral part of India and then the Indian Army arrived in Jum-Kashmir by air planes and only a few days later drove the Pakistan Army from Jum-Kashmir.

At that time, India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru reached the United Nations on this issue and asked for a referendum. This is considered to be Jawaharlal Nehru's biggest mistake as India was about to drive out the Pakistan Army and the tribesmen from all over Kashmir.

As a result, a ceasefire was announced on 5 January 1949, according to which the part of the army at that time was considered the ceasefire line. Which is called LOC.

What is LOC Full Form

After the announcement of ceasefire between India and Pakistan, a line was formed between the two countries, it is called LOC and LOC full form "Line of Control" Which is in [Hindi + English] Line of control It is said.

After the ceasefire, the part which was with the Pakistan Army today POK The Line of Control drawn between India and Pakistan, known as ISP, is 740 kilometers long which is the biggest disputed subject between the two countries.

pok map

You can also call the LOC ceasefire line where the armies of the two countries are facing each other, so there is always a situation of war between the two countries.

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Although LOC means Line of Control, but it is also true that no country has any control over LOC (Line of Control), which is why there is always a war situation here.

So friends you must have understood that What is LOC and what is LOC full form Hope you have liked our article.

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