Find WordPress Website Theme & Plugin Name, Details (Hindi)

Many people often ask me such questions:

  • What theme do you use on ShoutMeHindi?
  • What theme does this blog use, what theme does that blog use? What theme does the XYZ.COM website use?

How to know about the theme of any WordPress site

Today I am going to tell you a way to keep all these questions in mind, so that you know the name of the theme of any WordPress website and other details like which plugins that blog is using, etc. Can do

We all have a desire to know about other websites, especially when they do something better than us. This is one such case. When we like the theme of a website, then we want to install it on our blog as well, in such a way, we should know the name of that theme, then we can install it in our wordpress blog.

How to know about any WordPress Site Theme?

Nowadays, some such websites or, say, tools are available online, using which you can know the details of any WordPress website theme and plugins etc. I am going to tell you about two such websites in this article.

1. WordPress Theme Detector

Whichever WordPress website you want to know, you just have to enter its URL in the search bar of this tool and then press the Enter key or press the corresponding button. With this, this tool will start its work and after processing a few seconds will tell you all the details that it will be able to collect.

For example, I filled in it, so it has shown me all the details of our site.

WordPress Theme Detector

Details will look like the screenshot given below. Which will also have different plugins.

ShoutMeHindi Theme detect

It shows very useful results. You can learn about the theme by clicking on the button of More Details and by clicking on the Download Plugin, you can directly download the plugin. It also gives you information about the popularity of plugins and theme. On this website you can also know which themes or plugins are most popular.

Top themes

2. Scan WP

This tool also works like the first tool. All you have to do is enter the URL of the WordPress website and it will tell you the details.

On this tutorial too, we fetch the details of, as you can see in the GIF image shown below.

Scan wp

Note: These tools are only for detecting WordPress websites. On other websites these tools will show error.

These tools are only for detecting WordPress websites.

Although second, website is also an option, but I recommend you first website more. You choose the second website in such a case, when the first website is unable to know the name of the theme.

It is not necessary to be able to check the name and details of each WordPress site. Sometimes the tool also fails in this case. However, this will not happen mostly.

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