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Filmy status: – Tiger Zinda Hai movies best song line

Forgot all the books
All the flowers in the soil
saare qaayadein kitaabein bhool gaye
mitti mein saare phool gaye

Where release without Ulfat
Nobody understood this
ulfat ke bin kahaan rihaai
baat kisiko samajh naa aayi

No feelings alive
Manungi na defeat me hai Fateh ka Fitoor
zinda jazbaat nahi haq mein halaat nahi
maanungi naa haar mujhe hai fateh ka fitoor ..

Cheering on you
From the corners of the sky
May you rain
Hausla hai tere hone se
aasmaan ke kone kone se
rehmat barsa de tu

As you are
Why should I beg you
jaise bhi hain tere hain
maane kyun beghana humko

The storm inside is still alive
Life is still alive
bheetar toofaan abhi zinda hai
jazbon mein jaan abhi zinda hai

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Where did he.ine from
Where does he go
I don't know
Na you know
kahaan se aaya wo
kahaan hai jaata wo
na mujhko pata hai
na tujhko pataa

This angry paper is all yours
Listen to me
Dil diya gallaan
ye naraazgi kaagzi saari teri
mere sohneya sunn le meri
dil diyan gallan

Why persecuted menus
Show me why
Aven false fist of Russia's Russia
Aankh nala aankh nu nu mila ke
sataaye mainu kyun
dikhaaye mainu kyun
aiven jhuthi mutthi russ ke rusaa ke
aankh naale aankh nu milaa ke

Dil diya gallaan
Will make the umbilical cord
Aankh nala aankh nu nu mila ke
dil diyan gallan
karaange naal naal beh ke
aankh naale aankh nu milaa ke

Do you know why you hide
I got a name from
pataa hai mainu chupa ke dekhe tu
mere naal naam se naam mila ke

Whoever wants to.ine and take love in their heart
Embracing everyone is a habit of their culture
chaahe jo aaye leke dil mein ishq mohabaat
sabko gale lagaana apne culture ki hai aadat

Will we.ine everyone with swag
swag se karenge sabka swagat

Filmy status: – Tiger Zinda Hai movies best dialogues status

Shikaar To Sub Kartay Hai…
Lekin Tiger Se Behtar Shikaar Koi Nahe Karta
Everyone hunts…
But no one hunts better than tiger

Aadmi Ke Pehchan Uske Zuban Se Hote Hai…
A man is identified with his tongue.

Bhediya Kabhe Akele Shekaar Nahe Karta…
The wolf never hunts alone.

Jazbaat hona or jazbati hone mein
Bahot Farak Hota Hai…
To be emotional and to be passionate
There is a lot of difference…

Time Ane De Beta Tujhai Bhe Tail Laga Ke
Dhoop Me Sukhaya Nahe Na To Mer Naam Bhe Taubah Nahe… Ohk
Time you give my son oil too
Neither dried in the sun
My name is not enough…

Sher Abhe So Raha Hai…
Bekaar Me Uske Poonch Mat Khecho…
Kha Jaiga…
The lion is sleeping now…
Don't pull her tail unnecessarily…
Will eat…

Aadmi Us Din Nahe Marta
Jab Uski Saansay Dum Tod De…
Aadmi Us Din Marta Hai
Jis Din Ussai Uske Izzat Cheen Lee Jati Hai…
Man doesn't die that day
When his breath dies…
Man dies on that day
The day he is stripped of his honor…

Yai Jung Ek Business Hai
Jis Me Poori Duniya Involve Hai…
This war is a business
In which the whole world is involved…

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