Facebook new updates Live streaming message games and chatting together

Live streaming message games and chatting on Facebook now together

Social networking site on Facebook is quite popular today Facebook knows baby to child and Facebook is updating some feature everyday to maintain its popularity.

A few days ago, Facebook launched Facebook Live Feature for its users, which was very much liked by the people, now Facebook is going to launch a new feature. Live streaming message games and chatting Which will be especially for those who play games, in the new update you will be able to do live streaming message games and chatting simultaneously.

Live streaming message games and chatting

In fact, recently, Facebook has said about its new feature, that this feature will be special for gamers, and fellow Facebook gave information about the feature in it and said that we are going to launch live streaming to play games So that they can even talk to each other

The special feature of this feature is that in addition to playing live streaming message games in it, you can also record this live streaming, which you can share with your friends later too.

Facebook says that this feature is being worked on right now and it will be launched very soon. Facebook also said that about 24.5 million people do live streaming chatting every month.

Facebook is constantly making new updates so that it will maintain popularity among its users and Facebook will connect with the users playing games with this u.ining feature. Some time back Facebook also launched a Blood Donation Registration Feature which Quite liked

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