Facebook is about to Facebook photo verification Facebook account may be closed

Facebook photo verification may be Facebook account closed Facebook

If you are present on a social networking site, then this news is very important for you if you use Facebook and have not yet posted your real picture on Facebook or you do not like to put your real picture on Facebook, then your account will never Might even be closed, you may be wondering how this can happen

In fact, Facebook will take pictures of their more than two billion users, this will be done by Facebook so that they can make their Facebook user security more secure, in this you will be asked to upload your original picture to Facebook, in which your face can be seen properly. This will be done by facebook so that it Facebook photo verification can do

If you have not given your picture to Facebook, Facebook can also close your account. According to The Wired report, the picture taken by Facebook will be used as a captcha, in the same way that security is enhanced by captcha. In the same way, your picture will be verified as a captcha, which can be detected as a human using Facebook and not a robot.

It can be inferred from these things that people who do not use their original picture on Facebook or do not want to use their original picture can be a bit of trouble because when Facebook asks for your photo Your account can be closed in case of not giving photo

Facebook photo verification can be

Facebook photo verification The matter came to light when a tweet users shared a screenshot of this new feature which said, "Please upload your photo" in which your face is clearly visible, we will check it and after that we will keep it forever Will delete and Facebook later confirmed this information, stating that this step has been taken by Facebook to stop the music activities.

According to this new information from Facebook, a picture will be asked by Facebook to verify your account and it will be checked whether it is unique or not. As soon as you give the picture to Facebook, your account will be logged out by Facebook and you will get a message Will be told that your photo is being examined and you will be contacted on.inpletion of the investigation

If you find this article of ours Facebook photo verification You may have liked your account, then share it on social media, and if you do not like it, then.inment it and tell it so that we can tell you more thoroughly.


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