Facebook Ad Campaign Tutorial in Hindi (Create And Run Facebook Ads)

Facebook Ads is a great way to promote your business or brand, promote your products, get conversions, generate leads or get traffic on your website. I think most of you must have heard about Facebook Ads, but never really tried. For this reason, we had published the post of introduction of Facebook Ads some time ago.

In that article we knew that this is exactly what and what are its benefits. But in today's article, we will know how you can actually use them for your benefit. In other words, today I will create and show you an example Facebook ad campaign.

How to Create and Publish Ad Campaign in Facebook

What is Facebook Campaign?

A unit of procedure that is used to advertise in Facebook is called campaign.

You can understand it as if your company has launched a new product whose responsiblity of promotion has been given to you. So, if you want to advertise on Facebook, then you will create an ad campaign and define how long you have to do this promotion.

When we do this advertisement process in a limited period of time, it is called an ad campaign.

Facebook has created a very good and user-friendly Ads Manager platform for advertisers so that even a beginner can create and publish ads very easily.

So I am going on assuming that you are in this digital marketing or say online advertising field and want to know how to create ads in Facebook. So let's start.

Step By Step Guide To Create Ad Campaign In Facebook

First of all, you have to login to your Facebook account. Then you have to go to the dropdown menu of your account. There you get a lot of options, including the option of Create Ads and Manage Ads. To create any new ad campaign, click on the Create Ads option.

If you have clicked on this option first time, it will give you a brief intro and will ask you to create a new Facebook Ads account. All you have to do is give the account any name, click on the create button and create your account. Facebook's interactive and dynamic interface will guide you through each step.

You will see a symbol of "i" next to each option in the interface of Facebook ads. You can learn about that option by hovering your mouse over it. So basically it is a helpful guiding option.

After this, the main page of Facebook Ads Creation will be open in front of you, in which you will have many types of Ad Campaign Types. You have to choose any of these ad campaign types according to you.

Different types will help you in different types of promotions. If you just want to make your brand name popular then you can choose Brand Awareness, if you want traffic to your website then you can choose Traffic, if you want to get Conversions, then you can choose Conversions or Catalog Sales option. Can. In this way, many other considerations are given, out of which you can choose any, it depends completely on what your requirement is.

There are 4 Major Phases to create any Facebook ad campaign:

  1. Select Marketing Objective
  2. Create Ad Set
  3. Create Ad
  4. Submit for Review

These are the four steps of any type of Facebook ad campaign. There are many more options in each step. Now these options vary, according to different marketing objectives and considerations, which you choose in the first step.

Now every single option cannot be explained in this article, because the count of options for all marketing objectives will be very high. Therefore, in this article, I have given you a brief introduction of each phase so that you will be able to create and configure your own ad campaign.

Select Marketing Objective

As I told you earlier, when you create an account in the Create Ads section, again whenever you come in this section, this will be the first step and you have to choose your marketing objectives like Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, Conversions etc.

Below is a screenshot of all the Marketing Objectives available in Facebook so far:

FB Ads

Create Ad Set

In Ad Set, basically we define the limits of ad campaign, audience, interests, budget and placements etc. First of all, you have to give any name to Ad Set and then choose the audience in it. In this, the audience is selected according to the location of the place in which you want to show your ad. Like Janakpuri, Delhi. Or the whole country, whole city etc.

In this way, you have to set interest that Facebook should show your ad only to those people who are interested in the things you have defined.

Whichever way you choose the audience and interest, Facebook will also tell you by calculating simultaneously that you can reach your ad to at least and maximum number of people. Basically it tells you the estimated results.

After this, you have to define where Facebook shows your ads, such as on Instagram, Facebook Desktop Version, Mobile Version etc.


I would recommend you that if you are a beginner then you should let it remain on Automatic Placements. With this option, Facebook itself will show ads for you in different locations.

After this you have to set your budget how much you want to spend on this particular ad campaign. If you run ad run in between any two or more days then you have to fill your daily budget and you can also set it on weekly basis.

In this option you have to actually create ad. You can either create a new ad for ad or you can choose a post from one of your Facebook page as ad.

You have to link some Facebook page with every ad type, because Facebook shows your ads on the behalf of your Facebook page. That is, each of your ads will have the name of your Facebook linked page.

FB Ads 2

After this, you have to choose the format of Ad and upload the images and videos etc. according to that format, to make the ad complete. Facebook gives you many ad format options like Full-ScreenExperience, Carousel, Multiple Images, Single Image, Single Video, Combination of All Formats type etc.

After this, you have to call Call to Action button or proper links, these options depend completely and vary according to your marketing objectives. Next to each option, there are further advanced options so that you can run your ad campaign in a highly customized way.

Submit for Review

When you completely create both AdSet and Ad, you have to submit your ad for Facebook's review phase. Then you have to wait for Approval. Sometimes approval is received within few minutes and sometimes it takes a few hours.

Once you get Approval, then your ad schedule runs according to it and after its completion you see the results in your Ads Manager. You can export the results in Excel or CSV format from Ads Manager.

I have run different campaigns from my Ad account, the result of which you can see below.

FB Ads 3

When you create your first Ad campaign, it asks the last step to advertise as much money as you have in the account and at the time of account creation, it also asks for your desired currency.

As much money will be spent to run your campaign, you have to add more money to your account first. You can add money at any time by going to Payment Settings. Facebook provides you with Card, Net Banking and PayTM payment options.

I hope you have got enough information to create and run Facebook Ad campaign from this article!

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