Every Problem and Solutions of Reliance Jio SIM | fix Jio Problem Hindi

Jio is a.inpany that has made tremendous progress in no time. Reliance Jio Sim K user is the highest in India today. After the arrival of Jio, the speed of internet has increased in India. But in jio sim, people often face many problems. So today we will Reliance is going to tell the solution of every probleam of jio sim.

Often people face many problems in jio sim like network probleam, call not work, internet not work, jio Rechage, jio sim not work etc. We are going to give you a solution to all those probleam which you are either facing or Then you may have to face them in future so this post can prove to be very beneficial for you.

Reliance jio sim probleam solve kaise kare

If you are reading this post, then you definitely use Reliance jio sim. And you must be facing some kind of problem in jio sim. After reading this post, you will definitely get a solution.

Every problem and solutions of Reliance Jio SIM

What is Reliance jio customer care number

For these you will have to call 198.

How to check the validity of internet and plan of Reliance jio sim

For this, you can use my jio app. Open my jio app and click on my plan, here you get all the information of your jio sim.

There is another way. Call 1299 As soon as you call, you get a message. In which all the information about the validity of your internet and plan is given.

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Why is not calling in Reliance jio sim

Let us tell you that Reliance jio sim works only in 4G smartphone. If jio is not working in your 4G smartphone, then the only reason is that your phone is not ture 4G or you have disabled your volte. So go to seeting and enable volte.

Reliance jio sim not working what to do

If your jio sim is not working then there can be some reasons for this. So follow the things mentioned below.

1. Once it has been seen that Reliance jio sim stops working. The main reason for this is that to change the setting of jio sim, so you check the setting of jio sim.

2. First of all check that your internet data is running from jio sim.

3. Select 4G in the prefered network type.

4. Check the Access Name Point or Reset it.

5. In Network Operator, choose choose automatic.

6. Enable volte in setiing.

First of all you should do all this setting in your phone and if even after that your Reliance jio sim does not work, then you follow the other way mentioned below.

You can use this method in case of any such problem in jio sim, which you do not know about, in this case you can change your sim from reliance jio store. And right now you will not pay any kind of charge for this. Because it is absolutely free.

How to change Reliance jio sim

To change Jio sim, you have to go to the jio store. Keep in mind that only the person whose name is jio sim can remove another jio sim. Because it requires a thumb. So take the same person with whom the name is reliance jio sim

How to solve network coverage problem in Rliance Jio sim

If the range of jio network in your area is correct but there is a network coverage problem in your jio sim, then you change from jio store to your jio sim free.

Reliance Jio sim does not have internet, what to do

1. First check that the validity of your internet data is not finished.

2. Check that your internet data is running from jio sim.

3. Select 4G in the prefered network type.

4. Check the Access Name Point or Reset it.

5. In Network Operator, choose choose automatic.

6. Enable volte in setiing.

How to save 50 rupees on every recharge in Reliance jio sim.

If you recharge on your jio sim using my jio app, then you have to pay 50 rupees less. Because you get a caseback of 50 rupees by recharge through my jio app.

How to port Reliance jio sim

This is a normal process as you do sim port of another.inpany, similarly you have to do jio sim port, for this you read our post.

Why did Jio sim's call stop

In jio sim, jio call stops at any time. According to the term and condition of jio, if you call continuously on any number, then your call is stopped, so keep this thing in mind.

Can two reliance jio sim be used in the phone.

No, Jio sim works on Ture 4G operator. So only one jio sim works in your smartphone. With jio sim, you can use 4G sim of another.inpany.

How to use free caller tune on Reliance Jio sim

There are three ways you can use Jio caller tune. You can use any of them which you find easy.

So friends, we have given you the answers to all those questions which often People using Reliance jio sim face. If you have any questions from us, then write us in the.inment box. You will get a solution to your problem. And share this post with our friends who are worried about the problem of reliance jio sim.


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