Empowered photo of Google Pixel 4 released, which looks like this!

Google has just a few months left to launch the flagship phone Google Pixel 4, its official launch is yet to be confirmed, but Google recently confirmed the design of the new phone Google Pixel 4 before the formal launch Pixel 4 Has tweeted a photo of The same photo that Google has shared, some time ago, a photo made of render (photo made from graphics) came out.

It is worth noting that the design of Pixel 4 is slightly different from the previous Google phone and additional sources have revealed that Google Pixel 4 can get gesture control and display experience like Apple's True Tone. In the official photo of Google Pixel 4, the chocor camera is seen in the back of the phone, in which two sensors and LED flash are visible. Apart from this, the third sensor in it is above the dual camera setup which will be used to take portraits and wide-angle photos.

Additionally, the camera module has a hole down the right side, which looks like a noise-canceling (noise-canceling) microphone. The thing to note here is that Pixel 4 is the first phone in the Pixel series that will support more than one camera sensor. All the previous Pixel handsets had the same rear camera, but despite that they still provided a better photography experience.

As in the photo of the phone, we can see that a white or gray power button is visible on the side of the Pixel 4. Apart from this, there is a logo of company G and there is no fingerprint sensor for the security of the phone. It may be that later Google can support in-display fingerprint sensor or advanced face unlock feature in its Pixel 4 phone. Apart from this, the official photo of Pixel 4 is very similar to the leaked render, which was revealed earlier this week.

In the I / O 2019 keynote held last month, the company has revealed that the next-generation Google Assistant integration will be used in the new Pixel phone. Google can not only bring Pixel 4 but also Pixel 4 XL and both these phones can be based on Project Soli. According to the XDA Developers report, the code of Android Q will have an “Aware” sensor which will give the signal to the users from time to time. Apart from this, the “Display White Balance” setting is also possible which will give a favorable display experience in the new Pixel phone.

But for this we definitely need to wait a while so that we will know what Google pixel 4 is offering through the phone. The introduction of official photos revealed the design of the new Google Pixel 4 phone that would beat the 2019 iPhone flagship and the next-generation Samsung Galaxy S-series model.


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