Delete the file without sending it to the Recycle Bin.

The Recycle Bin is very important for your computer, when you delete or delete a file or folder from the computer, it is accessed in the Recycle bin and is safe until it is removed from there. Do not go. But often people delete the file from the computer but do not clean the Recycle bin, which keeps their computer unnecessarily loaded, because the files in Recycle bin also use your HardDisk space, That is why the recycling bin should be checked and emptied from time to time. But if you want your deleted file not to go into the Recycle Bin, to be deleted directly, then follow the below step –

First way –
Right click on Icon of Recycle bin and click Properties Select.

Here don't move filed to Recycle bin. Remove files immediately when deleted. Tick ​​on This will not delete any file that you delete and get deleted directly.

Another way –
Select the file and press the Delete button with Shift from the keyboard, not in the File Recycle bin Will go and get deleted directly.

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