Commenting Blog ke liye Kyo jaruri hota hai

Almost every blog has commenting activity and visitors ask a question or something through a comment. Many people commenting in other blogs. So in this post, you will talk about it “Blog ke liye Commenting kyo jaruri hai”.


Commenting does not harm you, rather it gives you many benefits, I will tell you its benefits in this post.

Why Commenting is Important for Blogs
Commenting is very useful for blog, it has many advantages, I am telling you below.

First of all, you get backlink from commenting. Backlink which is very important for SEO. Many bloggers have also asked me that the reason that his post is not indexed quickly in Search Engine is because there are fewer backlinks in his site, the more backlinks your site will have, the sooner search engine will index your post.

The best thing is that our blog gets traffic from it. Visitor of that blog can come in our site on the blog on which we comment. While doing commenting on some Blogger Blog, some Mistakes are done, due to which they do not get more traffic than commenting, I am telling you what to do while commenting.
1.Real Name.
2.Real Email.
3. Give a link to the real website.
4. Use strong words in the comment, so that the Visitor of the site in which you will comment will know that it is talented.
5. The language blog is to comment in the same language. I mean if you comment in Engine Blog, then comment in Engine itself and not in Hindi.

How to Backlink and Search Engine Friendly Comment.
Often while commenting from some people, there are some things which do not pay attention, which makes it worthless to comment or not. I am giving you some tips which you have to keep in mind by commenting.
1. Always use only Real Name, Real Email and Real Website in the comment I mentioned above.
2. Comment in the blog of the type of your blog.
Use 30-40 words in 3.comment.
4. In the comment, do not use only Hi, Hello, Thank you, Thanks for Sharing article.
5. Write such things in the comment so that no one understands that you are the owner of a website.
6. If you continue to comment on which one blog, then you have more benefits in it.
7. Comment related to post will be good.
8. Always comment in Dofollow Blog.

3.Relationship with Other Blogger
If you comment in a blog, that blogger will increase your life. If someone like you does Blogging then do not get jealous of it, try to make him a relationship. This will help you learn something from it.

Final word: –
Commenting is the best way to get traffic for blog. This will also improve your Search Engine Rank.


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