Call of Duty Mobile garnered 20 Million downloads in the first two days of its launch, most of which happened in India!

The new Call of Duty Mobile of the activation company has been officially launched on 1 October 2019 for the fans of this game all over the world. The growing popularity of this game can be gauged from the fact that in just two days the number of Call of Duty: Mobile Downloads crossed the 20 million mark. According to the reports released by Censor Tower, Call of Duty: Mobile was the most downloaded in India with a total of 14 percent in the figure of 20 million downloads, second only to the US with 9 percent.

Apart from this, Call of Duty Mobile also earned $ 2 million in just two days. This earning includes both Activision and Garena versions of this game. The makers of this game believe that Call of Duty Mobile has all the features and familiar game mods that are available in its PC version and apart from that all those features will be present which is famous in mobile gaming. For example in Call of Duty Mobile Modern warfare, Crash and Crossfire And Black ops All maps such as Nuketown and Hijacked will be included.

Currently, Battle Royale is the most talked-about First Person Shooter mode in the world of mobile gaming and Team Deathmatch is well liked on other gaming platforms. Keeping this in mind, Call of Duty Mobile has also included this mode in which around 100 players will have to struggle to survive in a large area. The game features Solo, Duo, and Four-player Squad, in which all players will be able to use multiple vehicles such as ATV, Helicopter and Raft.

Although Call of Duty Mobile has received tremendous response from the west, it will get a tough competition from PUBG Mobile in Asia as we all know that PUBG Mobile currently has crores of users in India and South-East Asia. Talking about India only, there are about 50 million players of PUBG Mobile here and in such a situation it seems a little difficult to move towards a new Battle Royale Game, but in the coming times, even the most loved of Call of Duty Mobile from India There is every chance of it happening.


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