Broadcom plans to buy Symantec, the world’s largest cybersecurity software maker!

After acquiring CA Technologies, one of the well-known software companies around the world, Broadcom's next target is to buy Symantec, the world's largest cybersecurity software maker, and Broadcom's talks with Symantec are in the final stages of the deal. According to experts in the deal, the motive behind Broadcom's purchase of Symantec is to expand its company in this profitable software business.

On the condition of anonymity, some people associated with this deal told that in the coming weeks, the deal could be agreed and the two companies could have an agreement, but it is not right to tell something openly about it because it is now Is kept behind the scenes. At the moment nothing is certain and the correct information will be available in the future.

When asked about the deal, employees of both Symantec and Broadcom companies declined to comment, for information, please tell that the shares of Symantec company have seen a rise of 22 percent in the last few days while Broadcom Shares of 4 percent slipped. The deal is expected to strengthen the shares of the Broadcom company, currently Symantec's software business is very good and they provide services to about 3.5 lakh organizations and 50 million people worldwide.

Broadcom is not the only chip maker that is trying its luck in the software business, in 2011 major chip makers like Intel also bought McAfee for 7.7 billion dollars. But as Broadcom is looking to buy Symantec under a different strategy, according to Broadcom, acquiring companies that have a permanent position in the software market is a great option to invest to maintain their leadership.

Instead of linking the acquired products and companies together, Broadcom wants to run them as separate parts of its company. According to trade experts, Broadcom's vision is to achieve high cash returns on investments made by merging other companies into its own company, in which Broadcom has also been largely successful.


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