Blogger par Free me Blog Kaise Banaye

In the present time, every man wants that blogging is the best way to easily earn money sitting at home. You can easily earn a lot of money by blogging.

Blogger par free me blog kaise banaye create a free blog in hindi

You will know that we can earn money by creating a blog. Blogger is the best plateform to create a blog in Free. It has been created by Google. Today on, I will give information about how to create a blog for free.

How to earn money by making a blog on Blogger.
Friends, after creating a blog, everything comes in your hand, according to the good post you will share in your blog, visitors will come. Adsense Advertising Network is the best way to earn money from blogs, you can earn money by putting Adsense Ads in your blog, it gives money from Per Ad Click and you can earn money by putting Banner of Affiliate Program like Hostgator also. Gives money accordingly

What is needed to create a blog on Blogger?
I have also told you above that Blogger is a company created by Google. That's why you
1.Google Account
2.Internet Conection
3.Laptop or Tablet
Will be required And if you make a blog for free in it, then in it Yes, if you use Domain like, then it will cost you around 600 ₹ for a year.

What you can do by creating a blog on Blogger
If you do not already know about the blog, then you must also have a question in your mind that I can tell you below what you can do by creating a blog on Blogger.

1.Start Your Own Business
You can do your own online business.

2.Earn Money
You can easily earn money by creating a blog. For this you can put Adsense Adsense and you can also use Affiliate.

You can also create a private blog on Blogger, in which you can also share your private information.

4.Selling Your Own Product
If you are a shopkeeper, you can earn money by selling your own goods online.

How to make a blog for free on [How to create a Free Blog on]
Having read about myself, you must have understood about the blog easily, now I will tell you about making a blog on Blogger. There are very simple steps.

Step 1: – First you go to

Step 2: –Now you have to login with Gmail ID.

Google me Login kaise kare

Image Options: –
1. Enter your Gmail address here.
2. Now click on Next button.

Step 3: – After that another page will open.

login to google in hindi

Image Options: –
1. Here you enter your Gmail account password.
2. Now click on the Sign in button.

Step 4: –Now your sign has been done, if you have already logged into your browser then follow from here.

Blogger par free blogkaise banaye

Here you click on the New Blog button.

Step 5: – Now a Popup Window will open.

Create a free blog on blogger in hindi

Image Options: –
1. Here you write the title of the blog. Write the title related to the blog on which Niche you are creating.
2. Write your blog address here like
3. Here you select the Template of the blog, it would be good to select only the Simple Template.
4. Now click on Create Blog button.

Step 6: –Now your blog has been created, let me tell you its Dashboard Options.

Blogger par free blog kaise banaye

Image Options: –
1. You can write New Post in Blog with this button.
2. You can see the Views Etc of the blog by clicking on it.
3. You can manage posts here.
4. Here you can manage pages.
5. You can manage comments here.
6. You can manage Google+ from here.
7. Here you can see how many visitors came to your blog, from which site, from which site etc.
8. Here is Earning Option. With this you can add Blog with Adsense.
9. This is an Adword option, you can get traffic by paying money.
10.Layout lets you add and remove widgets, there are many more options.
11. Here you can change or upload Blog's Template.
12. Here you can do all the Sitting of the blog.


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