Blogger Ke Liye Best Photo Editor & Creator for Android

Before uploading an image in Blog, it is necessary to edit it. There are many softwares to edit it. Anyone who has a computer can easily edit the image well, but if he does not have a computer, what should he do. !!!!! In this post for those same brothers, I am telling about a best photo editor. With the help of this, you can not only photo edit but also create image. If you want to make blogging life even easier then read this post. With which you can edit and create beautiful image in your Android phone too.

Blogger ke liye picsart best photo editor for android

Blogging is not easy for everyone. Notepad, Internet, Connection, Image editor & creator, etc. for blogging. There is a need for Whoever has the facility, manages them easily. But who does not have this facility, what should they do !! There are many people who do not have a computer to do blogging. I know how difficult it is to manage a blogging person who does not have a computer. If you do not have a computer, then let me tell you that now you can manage blogging easily from Android phone. There will be some problem for this but if your spirits are high then it is very easy for you.

Android has been launched by Google and it has given all the important futures of computer. That is why now you will see that most officers do not have to wash laptops. In return, they keep Android phones together. Some tasks like reading and sending email, reading a document, using the Internet, playing games, watching movies, videos and songs, etc. Today we can do it through Android phone. Actually, there are many functions but it is given in the application. For this, you can download and use the app you want from Playstore.

Today, from the app that we are going to talk about, you can edit a photo and also make an image. The name of this app is PicArt and you can download it from playstore. I have tried many photo editor but I found this app to be the best, so I thought of officially writing a post for it. With this you can easily edit any quality photo and you can also create an image if you want. There are many futures in this app, with the help of which you can create a very beautiful image. I want to tell you one more thing that all the images that are in my blog right now have been edited and created from this app.
Picsart App is about 40 MB and its new version keeps updating and its size is also different. If you want, you can install this app now. For this, click on the button given below.

I have also told in the above that almost all important futures are in Picsart, so that we can create and edit a good image for the blog. I am telling you in detail about some of its futures below. Before that, let me tell you about their futures, watch the screenshot given below carefully.

PicsArt - Blogger Ke Liye Best Photo Editor & Creator for Android 1

  1. Draw – There is an option of Draw in Picsart and it is very important option. Because from this the image can be drawn by drawing. It has all the tools to paint and it contains error, circle, cube, star, etc. Tools to create.
  2. Add Photo – From this future we can add another image to the image. If you want, you can also add an image by removing the background.
  3. Add-ons – From this we can download Text font, Clips, Background, etc.
  4. Stamp – To use it, first you have to download from internet. By adding this, you can make the photo even more beautiful.
  5. Square fit – With this you can use a color in the background of the image or a background downloaded from the internet.
  6. Tools – It has many options. With Crop you can cut an image, with cutout you can cut the image according to yourself, with free crop you can cut the image by encircling it according to yourself, with Shape crop you can cut the image into shape, with Clone You can show someone a dubble, with Stretch you can wrap many types, with Motion you can encircle the image and show more than 50x, by selection you can cut the image and add it to the clip, with curves You can adjust the brightness and darkness of the image, wrap the image left or right and up or down with perspective, resize the image The height and weight can rotate like it can be much less and the image up from Flip / Rotate, down, left and right.
  7. Lens flare To use it, you will first read the download and you can make it magical by giving light in the image.
  8. Border– With this you can give border in the last of any image. You must have seen the border in many images of this blog, given by this.
  9. Effects – It has lots of fx, so that you can make the image even more amazing.
  10. Shape mask – It has many shapes, which you can add and also adjust the capacity.
  11. Mask – It has many effects. Which you can download and use.
  12. Text – With this you can write in the image and you can also select its font and color from yourself. There are many more futures in it, such as with Stroke you can color in the side of the text, with Shadow you can add shadow to the image and there is a lot of option in it.
  13. Frame – With this you can add a frame to the side of the image.
  14. Callout – By this we can add text in a special shape.
  15. Sticker – There are many stickers available in this but it has to be downloaded only then you can add it to an image.


This is the best photo editor app for Android phone and right now 100 million people have downloaded this app in the playstore. The new new version of this app is updated. It did not have much future before but a lot of futures have been added to it. With which you can edit and also create an image of your blog. If you have an Android phone, then I will ask you to download this app once and use it once, then you will never be able to forget it.

I hope you have liked this post and after reading this post, blogging will have become even easier to manage. If you have any question related to this post, then comment. If you like the post, then share it on social media.


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