Blogger ke Har Post Me Custom Meta Description Add Karna Enable Kaise Kare

There are many SEO Futures in Blogger. Which is very important to setup. Today in this post I am going to talk about a very important thing of Blogger SEO.

If you are a blogger user, then you read this post carefully.

Blogger ke har post me custom description add karna enable kaise kare how to enable custom description in every post in blogger

If your blog post shows in good position in the search engine result and still you get very less traffic from the search engine, then the reason for this may also be Post meta Description.

When we do not add the meta description to ourselves in the post, then the search in default contains only 160 words from the first paragraph, which is not better for SEO.
Both the search engine and visitor focus more on the meta description. If someone searches in the search engine, then the description of your post in the search result will also be highlighted. If the description does not like the visitor, then he can also ignore your post.

That is why we can customize each post by adding a better and better description to it. Also use the keyword in the meta description of the post. This will be very good for SEO and at the same time you will get more traffic from search engine.

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I think after reading the above, you might have got a little bit of knowledge. If not, I will clear your confusion now.

When our post shows in the search engine, the title is first in it and what happens below the title is called meta description. Look at the image below carefully.

blogginghindi search result demo

  1. Here is the title of the post
  2. This is called post meta description.

After seeing the image above, you must have understood about it well. If you add a meta description to your post by customizing it, then i sure the post will show at the top in the search engine.

It will be very important for the new blogger to know. Because right now he will have very little knowledge about all these. We are telling you from the below point for how to add good descriptions in the post.

  1. It is very important to use the Keyword in the meta description.
  2. In this, use the top words used in the post.
  3. Description should be such that people search more in the search engine.
  4. Write in the description so that everyone wants to read that post.
  5. How to Enable Add Description in Post.

Basically, Sitting to add description to every post in Blogger blog is not already enabled. For this, the search description sitting will have to be enabled.

Step 1: Login to Blogger and go to Blog's Dashboard.

Step 2:

Blogger ke Har Post Me Custom Meta Description Add Karna Enable Kaise Kare 1

  1. Click on sitting
  2. Now click on search preferences.
  3. Click edit and select Yes in front of Meta Tags below and description.
  4. Write about your blog in 150 words here.
  5. Now click on Save.

By following the steps given above, I have enabled to add description in every post, so now I will also tell you how to add it in the post.

Blogger ke Har Post Me Custom Meta Description Add Karna Enable Kaise Kare 2

  • Click on Edit in your blog's new or any post and open it.
  • Now click on Search Description in the right side and add Meta Description in the box below.

Sometimes it happens that the search description box show is not there. If your blog post editor is not showing, then you have to add a simple code to the blog template.

Step 1: Go to your Blog Dashboard.

Step 2:

  1. Now click on the template
  2. Click on Edit HTML

Blogger ke Har Post Me Custom Meta Description Add Karna Enable Kaise Kare 3

    Step 3: Now here by pressing CTRL + F in the keyboard Search for

    Step 4: Now Copy the code given below and paste it below.

      name = 'description' />

    • Now save the template.

    I hope that you will be able to easily add Meta Description to the post by following this post. If you have any problem, then definitely tell us in the comment so that we can solve your problem. If you like this post, then share it.


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