Blogger Blog Par Custom Logo Kaise Add Kare

Custom Logo Any website or blog is created to represent them so that they can be distinguished on the Internet, so when you create a blog, then you must also create a custom logo for your blog and add it to your blog. Which should make your blog look like a professional blog.

custom logoIt is very easy to add Custom Logo on Blogger Blog. In today's article, we are going to tell you how you can add a logo to your Blogger Blog, as well as which settings you should make after adding a custom logo so that your Custom Logo will be more attractive. .

How to Add Custom Logo to Blog?

To add Custom Logo on Blogger Blog, you have to follow some steps, after that you will be able to add a Custom Logo to your Blogger Blog-

Step 1. First of all, open the Blogger Dashboard. To open Blogger Blog's Dashboard, you login to, your Blogger Dashboard will open.

Custom Logo

Step 2. After opening the Blogger Dashboard you go to the Left Sidebar and “Template” Click on the option.

Blogger Comment Box Ki Setting Kaise Kare

Step 3. After clicking on the option of the template, there is a new page open in front of you, whose look is similar to the image given above. In this page you “Header Bar” An option is found. In this Header Bar you “Edit” Clicking on the option has to be done.

Custom Logo

After clicking, you have a Popup Open which is similar to the image given above.

Step 4. Now you have your image Upload There are two options to do which you can upload your image.

1. Chose File

Through the option of Chose File, you can select and upload the image from your computer.

2. From the Web

You can select the image by pasting the URL of a web image.

Blogger Me CommentLuv System Kaise Add Kare

Step 5. After uploading the image, it may be that your image is slightly smaller or larger, so you “Shrink to Fit”Let's select the option so that your image is adjusted according to your theme and can be seen properly on your blog.

Step 6. Now you have to select how your image should behave with your title like-

Behind Title and Description

If you want your logo to go backward and show your title and description above that logo, then you can select the option of Behind Title and Description.

Instead of Title and Description

If you want your logo to replace your Title and Description, then you can select the option of Title and Description instead.

Have Description Placed After the Image

If you want to show your description after your blog, then you can select the description of Have Description Placed After the Image.

In this way you can decide where to place your Blog Logo.

Step 7. After doing all these options, you “Save” You have to click on the button, so that your logo is saved on your blog.

In this way you can add a Custom Logo to your Blogger Blog.

What is the benefit of adding Custom Logo to Blogger Blog?

By adding custom logo on Blogger Blog, our blog not only gets a professional look as well as our blog on Visitor also has a very good impression. Which is very important for our blog.

You must have seen that all companies and big websites have their own logo. Logo is a type of identification that makes our website visible to everyone as a brand. So if you want to give your website a branded look, then you must add the Custom Logo on your Blogger Blog. So that your website can become like a brand.

There is also an advantage of creating a custom logo that you can also place that logo on all your social media accounts in place of the profile image, so that more and more people get information about your website and that is your website Let's visit

In Conclusion:

Whenever you create a blog, you must also create a custom logo for your blog, because when you add a logo to your blog, then your blog becomes a completely professional blog. Which is very important from users' point of view.

Along with this, when you create a logo for your blog, then also keep in mind that your logo is absolutely simple design and unique because if you copy the logo from another blog, it will be bad for your blog. Effect creates.

So you create your own personal logo and add it to your blog. Also, if you have any more questions related to your blogging, then you must tell us in the Comment box, we will try to reply to your question soon by answering you soon. Can Thank You for Reading This Article Keep Visiting.


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