Blog Post Ko Facebook Group Main Ek Saath Post Kaise Kare

Blog Post ko Facebook Group me ek saath post karen

This is my second guest post on this blog. and me I am the founder and writer of this and through my blog I give daily information about SEO, Blogging, Technology, make Money Online in Hindi.

If you are a blogger then you must know that Just publishing a blog post on your blog is not enough. It is also necessary to share it on social media. So that people from there also come to the blog and read it. but Facebook is the most popular in this social media And if you promoted your blog on this and attracted the people there to come to your blog, then there will be so much traffic on your blog that you cannot even imagine. today Through this post, we will tell you how you can post your blog post together in facebook group with the help of any software.

How to post a blog post in multiple group of facebook?

To post your blog post to facebook group together, you have to follow the first three steps.

  • Join a group related to your Niche.
  • Obtaining the email id of all Facebook groups.
  • Sending mail to the group's email id.

But to drive traffic from Facebook to your blog, you have to post your blog post in many Facebook groups. So let's first know how to choose a group.

1. How to select the group on Facebook?

Selecting a group on Facebook is not a big deal. You just keep in mind what is written below –

  • On facebook you just Join the same group that meets the topics of your blog. Suppose if your blog is about food, then by searching in Facebook and only join groups related to food.
  • While joining the group, keep in mind that Be that public group, Because when you join the close group after joining, then it will not be public for other members until the administrator approves it.
  • The third and most important thing is that you Always join a group that has more than 20000 members If there are no more members than this, then join only the group which has the most members. Because by joining a group with more members, you can access your blog post to more people.

2. How to get email ID of Facebook group?

Now you have to get the username of all the groups you have joined in the second step. It is not a difficult task at the moment.

  • First of all, you open that group. Now look at the URL of that group, if any numbers are visible in it, then you will not be able to know their useraname because the user name of that group has not been set yet. Eg facebook-group-without-name
  • But if its user name name If you do, then note the user name in the notepad and save it. When you note the user name of all the groups, then write @ in front of all those groups. And save it in a text file.Facebook Group Name

like (email protected)

Like the group name in the above figure is androidmobilezone, so its email id (email protected)

Similarly, you can create an email id from the user name of all the groups. This is a bit difficult, but once you complete it, it will always work.

3. Group email se Group me posting karna

  • Now you have joined the group, and you have also received the email id of the joined group. Now if you want to post your blog post to all groups simultaneously, then open the email id you use to log in to your Facebook id.
  • Now compose a mail from this email. And the email from facebook groups that you have prepared. Copy and paste it into the Bcc of the compose mail.
  • Leave the subject section blank. And in compose, type the link of your blog post with hashtag.
  • Now send this compressed email to you. And after that you open your facebook and open all those groups and see whether the post is posted or not.

Group email se Group me posting karna


If you adopt the method mentioned above, then you can post your blog post in all your groups within seconds with the help of any software.

I hope that you guys must have liked this post of today, my blog post ko facebook group me ek sath kaise post karen. How did you like this post? Please tell us through the comment box.

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