Blog Pageviews Increase Kaise Kare 10 Tips

Everyone wants that if he writes article and publishes in the blog, then he gets more and more PageViews. If you write a post in a blog, then you will also want to have more pageviews in that post, then in this post I am going to tell you some tips which you can increase the pageviews of your blog by following.

Pageviews kya hai Pageviews kaise badhaye 10 Tips

Friends, do you know that if traffic is low in your blog, but if your blog has more pageviews, then you can earn more than Adsense on it.
We need not only more traffic but more pageviews. You must have seen while checking your Adsense Report that Pageviews are also shown in the report. If you do not get Ads Click, then you will get 1 $ in 1000 Pageviews. That is why it is very important to increase the pageviews of the blog. Bye the way, now I am going to tell you the tips below, by following which you can increase the pageviews of the blog.

Pageviews means as if you went to a blog and clicked on a post there, after reading it, then clicked on a post, then every time you open a post or other page by clicking, it is called Pageviews.

If you want to increase Blog's PageViews, then for this I am telling you some tips. I hope you can increase the PageViews of your blog by following these tips.

Add the related Post widget to your blog. With this, related posts will be shown in the bottom of your post, so that after reading the readers post, clicking in the related posts will read the post.

When writing a post in the blog, it is very important to add a link to the other post in it. With this I will be sure your Pageviews Increase. When you write a post, add the link and title of the time at least 5 other posts which belong to the same category.

Whenever you write a post in a blog, it is very important to use at least 500 words in the post. I will tell you that visitors and search engines like long length content only.

Whenever we publish a post in a blog. So if we share that post in social media, then along with the traffic of our blog, page views also increase.

You must have understood by the name of Popular. Everyone likes listening to the popular name and clicking on it.

Make a list of 3-4 articles in your blog in an article such as “Get 10000 visitors in 1 month from 10 articles to blog” Write a post like this.

This means that in your blog, add the social share button under the post. Which will make it easier for visitors to share and you will get traffic and pageviews from social share.

Add a search box to your blog, which will make it easier for visitors to do post searches on their own. He could easily search for the post he needed.

Email Marketing can help to a great extent in increasing the pageviews of your blog. Because you can send a post link via email to Subscribed Readers from it.

If you write SEO Friendly Post, then your blog will show at the top in the search result of the search engine. Which will give you more pageviews.

Final Word:

I hope you like this post. And let me tell you one more thing that you create a sitemap page in the blog, this will also increase the pageviews of your blog and if you like this post, then share this post with your friends in social media.


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