Blog Me Use Karne Ke Liye Top 12 Web Fonts

Hello Friends, Today we are going to talk about the Top 12 Fonts for the blog. It is very important to have the right font use in our blog. It plays a very important role in the design of our website. If you are looking for a good font for your blog, then definitely read this post till the last.

top 12 best fonys for website or blog

You must have visited some such sites, in which the content will be very good but will not be read well. I have visited many such sites. This is only due to the useless font. No matter how good our content is, but still the font is not good and if people do not understand it quickly, it is useless.

Like we also mentioned above, font plays an important role in our blog. There are many fonts available right now, but I would like to say that a simple font is better for a blog. Because anyone can easily understand the simple font. I would like to show you in the image below.

You can see in the image above that simple font takes less time to read and no one can understand it easily but cursive font takes longer time to read and also many people are not able to read it properly.

difference of normal and fancy font

If your blog does not have a good font, then the bounce rate will increase. No visitors will stay for long in your blog. Because they have trouble reading the posts in your blog. If the font is good then people will also enjoy reading the post and they will be able to read more and more posts in your blog.

You have seen many such blogs on the internet, in which fancy font is used. Actual, it is a human psychology that people are unable to read fancy font quickly. They mostly use only simple font, because they are more easy to read.

Often, many bloggers keep searching that “top google fonts for blog or website“Therefore, today I am going to tell you about some good fonts in this post, which you can use in your blog. The new blogger has difficulty in selecting the perfect font for his blog from google fonts. Therefore, I will only tell about some top fonts here.

Table of Contents

Only all the fonts in this list can be used not only in the English site but also in the Hindi site. If your blog is in Hindi language then you can use them. Also, it is all top fonts for English blog as well.

1: Montserrat

montserrat font for blog

This is a very popular font. It is made by Julieta Ulanovsky. It is a sans serif font and its readability is very good. It has been designed by being inspired by the old poster. This font is currently being used in millions of websites on the internet.

It is mostly used for heading and title. Its 18 different types of design are available. Its pair looks best in Open sans and Relway type font.

2: Noto Sans

noto sans font for blog

If the posts in your blog are written in Hindi, then this is a very good font for you. Right now this font is being used in my blog. It supports Hindi language very well and is also good for English. What you are reading right now is noto sans. It is a sans serif type font.

The best thing about this font is that it is very simple and also light weight, which does not have much effect on the loading of your blog. You must try and use it once.

3: PT Sans

pt sans font for blog

This font is also comfortable for both Hindi and English websites. I have used this font in my blog. Then when the theme changed, it was changed. This font is being used in many big websites like ClickFunnels, Social Media Examiner, Hollywood Life, and StoryPic.

This font is also very light weight and fast loading font. You can see its demo in the image above. You can get it from google fonts.

4: Oswald

oswald font for blog

This is another simple and beautiful font. Which you can use in your blog. It was drawn in 2011 by Vernon Adams (who works in google). This font is being used in many popular websites like WWE, TomsGuide, Phone Arena, CreativeBloq, and ClickBank.

This is also sans serif typeface font, which you can also use in Hindi blog. You can also use it for the headline. It is also used by many search engines.

5: Open Sans

open sans font for blog

This font has been created by Steve Matteson. It is a very popular font and a perfect font to use in blogs. This is also my favorite font. Because if the font is very neat and clear. Its use is a great font for print, web, and mobile interfaces. This is a clear show in all types of devices.
This font has about 10 different designs. You can use this font not just in the heading but anywhere in the body. This font pair looks best with oswald and montserrat.

6: Ubuntu

ubuntu font for blog

This font is used in many popular oprating systems. You can also see its demo above. If your blog is on technology niche then this is a very good font for you. Its 8 different types of design are available. This font can be used for body content and graphic design.

7: Lato

lato font for blog

Lato font was created in 2010 by Lukasz. Its look is very good and it is a very good font for the website. It has become very popular in the last few years. Right now it is being used in many websites on the internet.

This font is being used in some popular websites like Grammarly, Alexa, Starbucks, freelancer and buffer. It is also the font of sans serif facetype. You can also use it in your Hindi blog. If you want, you can also use it for heading.

8: Roboto

roboto font for blog

This is another most used font. It is currently being used in about 2 crore websites. If you are a lover of youtube, then tell you that roboto font is being used in that too. Apart from this, this font is also being used in popular sites like Alibaba, NDTV, TMZ, Star Sports, and Asus.

This is a very light weight font that does not affect your site's loading speed much. Many types of design are available. Its normal, bold and italic variant is available.

9: tohma

tohma font for blog

This font was created by microsoft carter for microsoft. But right now this font is being used widly in millions of websites. It is one of the top fonts of the sans-serif typeface. You can use it for both content and title.

The look of this font is very simple, and that is why people like this font very much. You can also use it easily in your Hindi blog. This font is being used in websites like ZippyShare, Marca, Khan Academy, MakeMyTrip, and variety.

10: Josefin Sans

josefin sans for blog

By the way, this font does not fall under the category of fancy font but you can use it in your website without any problem. I loved the style of this font. You can use it in the header, sidebar and footer area of ​​the blog. This font is also used for content in many blogs. But the fancy font in the content is not good.

11: Nunito Sans

nunito san font for blog

This font is available in 14 different styles. Nunito sans it is very well balanced and its curves are also very good. It is very good for both body content and headline and you can also use it in the sidebar and footer area. This font pair would be better than Open Sans and montserrat.

12: Laila

laila font for blog

This font is very good for Hindi. It is mostly used in graphic design. But even in Hindi blog, this font is quite light. This font seems to be in the best headlines. Apart from your blog, you can also use it to create an image.

Final Words,
All the fonts mentioned above are very good for your blog. All these fonts are very light weight. This means that your blog's performance will be good. If you use fancy font, then this will slow the loading speed of your site.

I hope, after reading this post you must have liked it. If you have any questions related to this, then comment us. Do share this post in social media.


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