Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO: Understand Difference

Black Hat SEO - White Hat SEO Difference

Whenever it.ines to writing a guide on Search Engine Optimization, I use the words carefully. Because many times readers take it in the wrong context and use White Hat SEO techniques to an extent, then Black Hat SEO starts doing it. As the color suggests, Black explains something wrong here, while White explains the fair and correct way.

If you have little experience of running a website or blog, then you probably know the meaning of White Hat and Black Hat SEO. But many newbies do not know the difference between these two methods of SEO. Specifically, when they read something like “Backlinks will improve your website's ranking.” And when they see websites like Fiverr or Black Hat SEO forum see “thousands of links in less than $ 10” So they quickly buy such offers and feel like they have won any reward. Then later it.ines to know that such links.ine from Spam or automated websites which do more bad than good.

Black Hat SEO

Google also penalizes them, but I do not consider it entirely their fault because they were given incorrect information. If you are also one of those new bloggers, then always remember that there is no shortcut to b.ining rich. Similarly, there is no shortcut to get good ranking. Increasing the ranking of the website is a slow process and for this many things have to be worked out. We will talk about different ranking factors some other day. Now we will talk about black hat SEO. This will not only save you from making mistakes like other new bloggers, but you will also get to know what are good SEO practices which you should follow for your blog.

Black hat SEO technique is those which are not preferred or which are not favored and are considered wrong. Also, SEO implementation is also considered wrong. While white hat SEO techniques are.inpletely opposite to black hat SEO and they are always used in the SEO world.

Black hat SEO And White Hat SEO in between Basic difference What is itThe

There is always a good and a wrong way to do any work. The same applies here with SEO Techniques. Internationally SEO professionals follow certain criteria, parameters and r.inmended trends. Which have been adopted by all the big search engines and the techniques given in the guidelines made by these search engines are called White Hat SEO.

But the problem starts when people start using White Hat SEO in such a way that it spreads like spam and shortly after it b.ines Black Hat SEO or which search engines do not accept. Similarly, an example of misuse of white hat SEO is back link building. At the same time, guest posting and article directory submission which used to be a kind of blogging, were closed due to back link building.

In a way, Black Hat SEO is always used on behalf of SEO people to rank someone up in a short time and the biggest disadvantage of Black Hat SEO techniques is that they do not work for long. At the same time, websites which use Black Hat SEO are blacklisted by the big search engines. Now we know about some.inmon Black Hat SEO methods which are used nowadays.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

There are many techniques called Black Hat SEO Techniques which are not endorsed or accepted by trusted SEO professionals. I am giving here a list of some shortcuts or faulty measures which have been wrongly considered to apply SEO.


Some people make two versions of the same page for search engines and visitors. When the search engine spider or boat crawls through these pages, it b.ines satisfied with the process of creating the page, but the display to the visitors is something else. This process is called cloaking.

Meta Tag Stuffing

Any SEO process while writing the meta tag keyword, it should be kept in mind that the content given in the page should be represented by them. Excessive use of any single keyword in meta tag is always considered like meta tag stuffing.

Keyword Stuffing

There is always confusion in debates on what percentage of keyword density will be good for SEO Techniques. There is no fix parameter to confirm this. But most SEO professionals prefer only 2-3% keyword density. Using more keywords to create illusion only for Search Engines boats is also a wrong technique and is.inmonly called Keyword Stuffing.

Doorway or Gateway Pages

These are low quality web pages which do not have enough content, but they are full of keyword stuffing. The process of making these Poor quality pages has been called Doorway or Gateway pages.

Mirror Websites

In this process a person creates many websites but they all have the same type of content.

Page Hijacking

Page Hijacking is the technique in which one creates a dummy and bogus content that is served as the original content in front of the crawler. But it sends the user to a nasty or fraud website.

These are some of the less popular techniques that we should avoid on aspects of SEO on any website.

White Hat SEO Techniques

Just as some techniques need to be avoided, similarly to make the website search engine friendly, there are some methods which are highly r.inmended to follow. These techniques are called White Hat SEO techniques. It helps SEO professionals to use wrong methods.


The first and last aspect of White Hat SEO techniques is to avoid deception as much as possible. You should provide only original copies of your website to both bots / crawlers and visitors.

Follow Search Engine Guidelines

SEO techniques are used only to improve the website's search engine performance. Which also ensures that the website achieves its objectives. But achieving these objectives without the guidelines of search engines is not only a violation of them, but sometimes it b.ines very heavy. You can find Google Webmaster guidelines here.

Serve visitors

White Hat SEO technique clearly states that the images and content given in the website are made for visitors only and it should not be manipulated in any way according to the search engine or results. You should follow this simple or golden rule to be positive side.

Good quality content

Good Quality

is the main aspect in SEO techniques, it does not leave room for low quality content at all. Any SEO professional should use good quality content for their search engine and visitors, which is informative and helpful for both. Check out attributes of high quality content.

Good quality web pages

Always use only good quality web pages. Having some good quality web pages ensures that despite the small changes in the algorithm of search engine processes, the performance of the website will remain in good condition.

Following all these simple White Hat SEO techniques and avoiding all Black Hat SEO techniques will keep your website healthy in this fast changing world. Apart from this, when you hire an SEO.inpany or SEO freelancer to optimize your website, then you should definitely ask some such things-

  • Which link building technique will you use?
  • What kind of changes will you make in the website?
  • Which method will you use to rank me for this Keyword?

If Black Hat Vs. If you have any question about White Hat SEO, then write me in the.inments and ask me. If you find this article informative, then share it with apne Google plus and #SEO on Facebook.

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