Apple will use Caesar-switched keyboards in its upcoming 2019 MacBook Air and 2020 MacBook Pro!

Apple has always been tweaking their designs to improve all of their products, such as Apple using the Butterfly keyboards in their MacBooks to provide a better typing experience to their users. But Apple's experiment was not successful and many flaws came to the fore, which is why the company planned to use Caesar-switched keyboards instead of Butterfly keyboards in all its upcoming laptops.

The Butterfly keyboard, launched with Apple's 12-inch MacBook in 2015, did not meet Apple's expectations, and despite the best design, it stopped working even when small dust mites were detected. For a long time, Apple did not believe that there was anything wrong with its keyboard, but at the beginning of this year, Apple finally had to admit that its new keyboards were really defective. Then Apple ran a repair program and replaced all MacBook's defective keyboards with new keyboards in 2018 or newer, but not all MacBooks purchased in 2017 or earlier were included.

According to reports, Apple believes that Caesar-switched keyboards will be more durable than Butterfly and provide a longer typing experience. Because Apple used the same technology in all MacBook keyboards launched before 2015, and users also liked the technology. By using glass fiber, the Caesar-switched keyboards will be made stronger and lighter than before, giving quick response to any keyboard press.

According to Apple products analyst Ming Chi Kuo – “The Butterfly keyboard is thinner than the new Caesar-Switch keyboard but users won't be able to easily distinguish the two, on the other hand Caesar-Switch keyboards provide a better consumer experience. At the same time, it will also increase Apple's profits. That is why we have predicted that the Butterfly Key Board will disappear in the coming times. ”


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