Apple may launch its first 5G foldable device by 2020!

Although Samsung and Huawei have already announced their own foldable devices, but consumers are still waiting for their official launch. Meanwhile, there have been reports that Apple is also working on its foldable device, this is not the first time that the news of making Apple's own foldable device has come on the market, but here is the interesting thing that Apple's upcoming foldable device is not iPhone There will be an ipad. It is easy to guess from this that all the companies are planning to earn maximum profit out of the curiosity of consumers towards foldable devices.

Currently, not much information has been given about the design and features of this new device of Apple, but it will provide better internet speed with this new Apple ipad 5G network support. According to reports, this will be Apple's first foldable device as well as the first to provide 5G connectivity. Apart from this, series A processor will be used which will give it better performance.

Talking about the display, the display of this iPad will be made as big as the MacBook and it will also be quite portable so that it can be carried anywhere with ease. Another peculiarity of this ipad will be that it will be made commercially friendly and in future it will prove to be a great alternative to laptop.

According to the information received, this ipad is expected to be launched in the year 2020, but it is difficult to believe these reports because Apple has not yet made the 5G enabled processor chip and work on it is still going on. Apple's possible plan is to bring 5G connectivity to the iPhone first, only then it will be included in the iPad.


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