Apple iPhones may reduce the notch size in 2020, while by 2021 it is likely to be completely notch free!

The design of the front side has not seen any significant change compared to the previous two generations of Apple's upcoming iPhones, the world's most famous company, but this may change by 2020.

According to TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is also the foremost authority on Apple-related leaks, the Cupertino-based company will reduce the true-death “notch” in the 2020 iPhone. He added that Apple would reduce the camera-size in the notch to give more usable area for viewing.

In addition to this, he also stated that, the 2020 iPhones will undergo a design change, but the report is unclear whether these changes pertain only to the notch or to the entire iPhone in general, while reducing the size of the notch for a longer period of time. This seems to be a short-term goal as it seems that Apple is likely to be completely notch-free.

A report has stated that, by 2021, Apple will implement a full-screen display with any kind of cutout, along with full-screen fingerprint recognition technology and an under-screen true-depth camera.


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