Apne WordPress Blog Ko FeedBurner Se Kaise Optimize Kare

Feeds are very useful and are an important part of any blog, as it allows your readers to track the latest updates of your blog. By default WordPress Blog feed URL is http://domain.com/feed but it is not compatible with all feed readers and the best way to make your blog feed compatible is by burning it to 3rd party feed readers and using it to redirect. There are many free and premium feed burning services and the best is Feedburner, which is not owned by Google. In this guide we will talk about how you can start burning the feed of your blog using Feedburner. As this guide is written specifically for WordPress blogs, but if you are using any other platform which offers default feed, you can also burn them with Feedburner.

How to create a WordPress blog feed using Feedburner?

You will need a Google account to login to Feedburner or you can create a free account. Simply go to Feedburner's homepage, and login with your Google account. Once you are in Feedburner's Dashboard, you will see the option to burn a feed right away, add your blog URL to it. Yes, to discover feeds to your blog, there must be at least one blog post, otherwise it will show error. So make sure that you follow my first time wordpress guide and set your permalink, and start the process.

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