Apne blog ko Google Search Console Me Kaise Submit Kare Android Phone Se

Android Phone se Apne Blog ko Google Search Console me Add Karen

Hello friends today we will talk about how you How to add blogger blog to Google Search Console through your Android phone.

First of all, know what is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free service in easy language by Google where you have to submit your blog so that your blog can be indexed in google search engine. And google can easily find your blog.

How to add Blogger Blog to Google Search Console

To know this, you will have to read this post completely.

1. First you login to your blogger account. After this click on setting> search performance. Now click on Google search console, click on edit it.

2. Now click on add property

Click Add property

3. Now give the address of your blog. Now click on add

Blog address likhe property me

4. Now you will get many options to verify the blog. From these options, select Meta tag in verify. Now you copy Meta tag.

Verify your blog on Google Search console

5. Come to the blogger without cutting that window.

6. Now you have to do a backup download of the Theme. For this, click on Theme> Backup / Restore> Download

Download theme for blogger-google search console

7. Now you come to that file manager and open the folder in which the theme is downloaded. Before opening the theme, shorten the name of the theme.

rename your theme file- google search console

Renamed theme file - google search console

8. After this open the theme with the WPS office app

open theme with wps office - google search console

9. Now you have to search in the app . And after this, the meta tag you copied Paste just after

Add meta tag after head in theme - google search console

10.Paste After You after Have to leave a space. is mandatory

Leave space after head in theme - Google search console

11. After this, you have to save the theme and you have to come to the file manager. The theme you saved will be found in the same folder in which you downloaded the theme.

12. Now the name of the theme you had saved has to be changed. The name of the previous file is .txt you have to change it to .xml (this is very important)

Change the file name to .xml from.txt

13. After this you have to come to the blogger and theme> Backup / Restore> Choose file. After this, you have to select the file that you edited and save.

Now after selecting the file, click on upload and your theme will be uploaded.

Upload new theme in blogger

14. Now go back to the window of Google search console and click on verify.

Go to Google search console and verify

15. Just now your website will be verified in the search console.

Blog verified on google search console

Important things

1.theme name

2. First Give a space after paste the meta tag.

3.theme will save in .txt, it is necessary to rename it to .xml.

Must read

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This article has been written by Ankit Kumar. His blog name is Supporthindi (http://www.supporthindi.com).

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