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Jetpack Plugin - Hindi Post

How many of you have tried hundreds of plugins on your blog? Moreover, we all know how fast free WordPress.com blogs are. "Automattic", the company behind WordPress, is a great plugin for their self hosted wordpress blogs, JetPack, which brings many features of WordPress.com to our blog.

When he took the JetPack launch, he also gave some official words along with its release, whose Hindi translation is as follows:

Jetpack which is plugin by Automattic, people who are not on wordpress.com but can now access the features of wordpress.com. Jetpack also provides some convenient features that do not use cloud, but now there is an easy way to install, or earlier were not available as earlier plugins.

JetPack is a very featureful and powerful plugin whose rankings on the official plugin repo of WordPress are as per the screenshot given below:

 JetPack plugin Popularity

Now let me explain those features that JetPack plugin brings to your blog:

Features of Jetpack WordPress Plugin: V

  • WordPress.com stats: Now you can easily know how much traffic is coming to your blog and also many more information related to it such as sources of traffic, clicks on your blog and searches of search engine, etc. And all this from your dashboard.
  • Subscriptions: This is a great feature of this plugin. You can manage email subscribers for your blog through this and send them email updates regularly whenever you publish a new blog post. All you have to do is to enable it and set its subscription widget on your blog. You will also get complete information about your subscribers.
  • Mobile Theme: Nowadays many users of internet are mobile users, so it is very important that your site or blog be mobile friendly. Anyway, mobile friendly sites get more benefit in search engine traffic. By using Jetpack, you can make your blog or website mobile friendly with one click. Isn't it fun?
  • Website Uptime Monitor: Nobody would like that his blog or website is down and his traffic loss. If it is ever down, at least if we know it on time, then we can take the necessary goodies. You can do this by using the website uptime monitoring option of this plugin. This plugin will monitor your site and will send you immediately via notification email whenever your website is down.
  • JetPack comments: This is a fun feature of this plugin. You can replace your wordpress's default commenting system with this. Its specialty is that your blog readers will be able to easily make comments using their social networking accounts.
  • Auto Publicize: We know that after publishing a blog post, its sharing and promotion is very important. By using this plugin, you can auto publicize your blog posts on social networks and save your precious time.

Similarly, Jetpack offers 30+ big and small features which I have briefly defined below:

  • Photon: By using this you can host images of your blog for free on WordPress's CDN network!
  • Protect: You can save your blog or website from hacking attacks by using this feature.
  • Single Sign On: Secure your user authentication.
  • VaultPress: This is a paid feature with which you can backup and security scans.
  • Sharing: By using it, your blog readers can easily share your content.
  • Related Posts: Show related blog posts below your blog posts!
  • Beautiful Math: beautifully display mathematical equations on your blog.
  • Contact Form: Make use and user-friendly by adding contact form in your blog.
  • Custom CSS: Using this you can add custom css and make your blog theme more beautiful!
  • Custom type: Organize the content of your blog in various ways!
  • Enhanced Distribution: This feature automatically helps in popularizing the content of your blog and increasing your page views.

Below I have given a screenshot of all the features of Jetpack plugin, you install this plugin and explore yourself.

 Jepack Plugin All Features

Similarly, the traps and features are in this plugin, and the traps will be coming in the upcoming updates. So if you run a self hosted wordpress blog then don't forget to install this awesome plugin!

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