An ambitious project started by Google!

Google has launched a project to improve air quality, named Project Air View. Currently, the project started to measure air quality in California and the Central Valley. After doing research on this project, air quality data has been made available to the scientists.

Project was first offered to Google by the Environmental Defense Fund in 2012 to Project Air View in Oakland with an air pollution sensor. Project Air View was started three years ago. According to the report of Engadet, it has included forest fires, places to do agriculture.

According to a report, the company is working on other projects similar to Google Street View in Houston, London, Amsterdam, Salt Lake City. With this, Project Air View India is also expected to be launched. These air quality sensors are connected to the internet, which work to detect greenhouse gases, methane, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and even more toxic gases. By which the polluted gases present in the air can be easily detected.

The entire data of Google Street View has not been made available to the public, only scientists have been made available through a form. By the end of the year, Google will work extensively on Project Air View, covering countries such as Asia, Africa, South Africa. In the coming times, Google will use more than 50 Street View cars in Project Air View with air quality sensors.


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