Amazon acknowledges that it keeps Alexa data forever until users manually delete it!

Amazon, the world's largest online retail company, has confirmed that users' data collected by their voice assistants Alexa and Amazon Echo will be stored with them and never delete that data. This data is deleted only when users remove them from Alexa and Echo themselves. According to the reports, it has been claimed that some portions of the users' personal things remain stored in Alexa even after the users are removed.

Senator Chris Coons of Delaware questioned Amazon about how long the company keeps users' data they receive from voice assistants. Reacting to this question, Brian Huesman, Vice President of Amazon's Public Policy, said –

“Amazon has all the recordings stored until users delete their data themselves”.

In addition, Huesman also said that Amazon is making efforts to automatically delete recordings from Alexa and its other data storage systems after some time.

According to Amazon, in addition to just voice recordings of users, their other data such as alarms, reminders and upcoming events set in the calendar are also stored with Amazon. Users may not be aware of this, but in today's era, the digital voice assistant used by them keeps a record of everything they say in their data storage system.

In a statement by Senator Chris Kons of Delaware, he said – “The American people are fully entitled to know how their personal data is being used by technology companies, and I work with both consumers and companies To continue to figure out how to protect Americans' personal information. “


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