Agent Smith Malware Affected 25 Million Android Devices Globally!

Researchers have discovered a new malware that has greatly affected Android smartphones. The malware is named “Agent Smith”. It replaces parts of the application with its own code. The malware has affected 25 million Android devices globally, of which 15 million devices have been affected in India alone. While 300,000 devices have been affected in the US.

Agent Smith malware was discovered by researchers at a security firm check point. In which they found that, it used vulnerabilities in the Android operating system to replace applications that were legitimately installed on devices with malicious versions without user intervention. For information, let us tell you that malware does not steal your data, it only forces the hacked application to show more ads (advertisements) and takes credit for the ads that the apps are already showing. , So that the malware operator can benefit from fraudulent views.

According to the checkpoint, the malware looks for such known applications on smartphones as WhatsApp, Flipkart, Opera Mini, etc. and replaces parts of their code and then prevents them from being updated. The third party app was detected on malware by 9 apps. This can also happen in any apps such as games, photos, or sex-related apps that start the process of changing the code on legitimate apps on the device by disguising the name of the Google updater in the respective app.

Researchers have also reported malware in the distribution of smartphone brands in India, of which 26 percent of Samsung's phones were the most affected in the country, besides 6.1 percent of Xiaomi phones, 5.5 percent of Vivo phones, and 5 percent of Micromax phones. Happened. Reportedly, Agent Smith malware also made its way to the Google Play store with 11 apps on its platform, although now Google has removed all the malicious apps it has discovered.


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